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    Papercrafter subscription gift

    Hello! I bought issue 98 of Papercrafter and decided to subscribe as I liked the Tattered Lace free gift on p.25. My first subscription issue was 100. I knew the gift would come separately, but after a month it hadn't arrived so I rang the helpline. They've told me it's with their 3rd party distributor and has been since September! I've rung every week since to find out what's happening and I'm told the same, ie nothing has changed in all that time. I confess my patience is definitely thinning! I only subscribed because that particular gift was of interest to me. Please can someone sort this out for me? I'd be most grateful.
  2. knit&flee

    Papercrafter subscription gift

    Thank you!
  3. knit&flee


    Good morning Eliza and all who follow. I was woken up by the smell of frying bacon at 5am. Hmm, I thought, OH is having a sneaky, early morning fry-up. When I couldn't get back to sleep I got up and found he'd not been anywhere near the kitchen and is still fast asleep! I wonder if I dreamt it... And now of course I'm famished! I'm planning lots of reading today and knitting. I want to get a bit more of my lace scarf done. Thank goodness it's cooler this morning - I feel human again. Let's hope it stays that way. Have a great day folks.
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    Hello. I'm not a hot weather person either. Thank goodness it's a bit cooler today, although I wish the breeze would pick up. Eliza, enjoy the Eden Project today. I went years ago when it first opened and it was a good, memorable day out. Su2ie, hope your place cools down. Yes I'm looking forward to the thunder as well, although I have a horrible feeling they'll bypass this far south. I finished my fair-isle socks just now, great! They're now a much better fit, so worth redoing. The lace lady got back to me last night - she'd been waiting for the domed pillows to come back into stock, which happened this morning, so I've now ordered the kit I wanted. Hooray, can't wait for it to arrive! Have a good afternoon and stay cool. 😎
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    Manic Monday

    Hello. Forum is slow so fingers crossed I don't lose this post. Su2ie, well done Ellie with the crocheting. Maybe Alex just needs a bit more practise. Enjoy your walk. Eliza, you enjoy your walk too and hope you get a good breeze so it's not too hot. It's warming up here too. I painted a couple of window sills with lots of rest breaks, so they'd dry quick in the heat. It's the most I've done in ages. So pleased I've done them, even if only one coat each. I'm now planning vast quantities of rest, reading, cool drinks and knitting. Happy crafting all and keep cool today.
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    Sleepy Sunday

    Hello Eliza, hope you recover from your long walk.
  7. knit&flee

    Sleepy Sunday

    Afternoon. Totally floppy today - I resemble a wilted bit of celery. Such a stressful day, but I'm feeling better now. I was woken by breaking glass at stupid o'clock - OH put his foot through the oven door and smashed it. Then kids from down the road started shouting and screaming outside our house and I collapsed. Now I'm watching Colombo and knitting my sock. I'm increasing a tiny amount as I go up the calf, so nearly done. Su2ie, those bookmarks are so pretty. CN, hope you're having fun sewing. Tracey, cor you've definitely earned a cuppa and craft time! Lisa, hello hope you're having a good day. I'm off to marmalise OH. He's now cleaning the windows (which he spattered in mud a few days ago) and making them squeak loudly! Grr. Have a good afternoon all.
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    Sporty Saturday

    Hello. Feeling a bit droopy again today after Thursday's dentist excitement! The good news is I only need to wear my aligners at night now, yippee! Su2ie, well done with the buttonhole foot and getting compliments at work on your blouse. Could you set up an informal crafty lunch break with the other sewer? Aisles, a belated happy birthday, I hope you had a fab day. You're full of hidden talents! Enjoy your camera tripod and do share the results with us. CN, hope you've made good progress with your quilt blocks. Tracey, hope you're relaxing with a cuppa and some crafting. I've been trying to source some lace-making supplies and it's worn me out. I found a site a while ago that did what I wanted at an affordable price, but now I can order it it's out of stock. I emailed them a couple of days ago to find out when stock would be in, but no reply. Everywhere else I've looked online this afternoon is much more expensive. I'll do a bit more sock when I've had a rest. I've just started increasing for the gusset.
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    Great you had a button hole foot Su2ie. I tried mine out for the first time earlier in the summer and couldn't believe how they do it all for you - makes them so much easier, you barely have to think about it. It's clouded over here now, so glad I had my little trots earlier. I've got C&C tv on whilst pootling about. I found a yoga book for people with CFS I bought years ago so had a go at that and edited 2 chapters as my brain seems to be working alright today. Next it's more sock knitting.
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    Hello, sunny here too. I've been on 2 very short walks already - one accompanied by OH and the 2nd, drum roll, yippee I managed alone! I did get a bit giddy, but didn't meet anyone to set me off balance, so really, really chuffed with my achievement. Eliza, hope your journey down to Cornwall is good and there's a blissfully comfy bed waiting for you. Tracey, enjoy the sun while it's out and if you're working today, I hope it whizzes by so you can enjoy some knitty time later. Su2ie, great the boiler man came first thing - makes planning the day so much easier. Good luck with your button holes - does your machine have an auto button hole foot? CN, enjoy visiting your eldest daughter with Niamh today. I had one of my worst nights ever. I had to take extra pain killers when I went to bed, in the hope I wouldn't wake in pain. I hoped in vain! I think it was 12:30-1-ish when I woke up feeling sick with pain. Oh bother I thought. I couldn't get comfy so I sat up for a bit, but then my temperature went haywire going from hot to freezing teeth chattering to feeling like I was being boiled alive, over and over. Worst thing was not being able to lie down as the sick-feeling pain came back. So I propped myself up for the rest of the night so my head wasn't resting on anything and must have drifted 'til 5am. I got up at 5:30, bored of being awake and tired. The plus side of hideous nights like that is I often have a reasonable day to make up for it, hence being able to go for my walks. I must now rein myself in and not overdo it as OH has to drive me to town for the dentist this afternoon. I hope the car ride doesn't mess with my brain and balance again - fingers crossed! Happy crafting all - I've got my fair-isle sock and jumper sleeve on the go today.
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    Hello. Still struggling along, but as I can't get out the house I'm getting loooads of knitting done - there's an upside to most things thank goodness! I've finished the front and back of my v-neck jumper, done a whole fair-isle sock and started on the 2nd. I'm now working my way up the jumper's first sleeve. I should be at Writers Club tonight, so feeling a bit sorry for myself. I've forgotten who's on holiday now, but I hope you're having a fab time and the weather's nice. Su2ie, hope the name-changing is going well. Sorry I missed when you got wed! Towst, hope they can sort out your internet. What did we do before it was invented eh! Have a good evening all.
  12. knit&flee

    Wednesday go get it Wales

    Hello. Really struggling again today, but feeling better now I'm dosed up to the eyeballs on caffeine and pain killers. Stakreem, loved yesterday's parade pics. I can't go to things like that anymore (can't stand for any length and too many people moving about sets off my balance) so I really enjoy seeing the pics. Eliza, my memory's awful too with the CFS - they call it brain-fog. Sometimes I can't remember words, other times I forget how to do everyday activities. I find stopping to look round where I parked the car really helps me too. Goose, hope the weather perks up for you later. Enjoy your knitting and hooky time. Suzy, enjoy your last day at work. Your course sounds so exciting and how lovely to have such an enthusiastic tutor - it makes such a difference. Well I managed to stagger to the corner of the road and back with OH last night. It's the first time I've been out since last week. I plucked up courage and did it again this morning on my own. I'm nearing the top of the first sock I'm re-knitting. I'm trying not to do more than a few minutes at a time because it gave me lots of pain yesterday. In between I'm post-it not editing my first chapter, which I've now completed, so will move on to chapter 2 this afternoon. Oh yes, I'll be watching some Wimbledon too today as I think it's another mens' round. I don't like watching the 'ladies' - too much grunting for my liking. If the sun stays out, I may even fit in a snooze in the garden later to make up for a hideous night last night. Such a hard life sometimes.
  13. knit&flee

    Monday s sunny day

    Morning. No work for me today, just not up to it. I'm half watching Wimbledon. Hope everyone who was feeling poorly is now feeling better. Lisa, the candles are lovely and you have a blue sky! Sarah, Alia is growing fast. Hello anyone else I've forgotten, my head is in a land of it's own. I undid some self-striping socks I made years ago - might have been my first pair actually - they were too big since I lost weight, but I liked the yarn too much to chuck them. I didn't want to do the invisible cast on for the toes again so stopped before I got that far and put them on needles. Over got as far as the gusset shaping on the first one. Happy crafting all.
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    Hello. I've been steadily going down hill all week and not had the energy to do much. I nearly collapsed twice at work yesterday so today I thought enough's enough and rang in sick. I *hate* not being able to do anything, I feel so useless. I'm so frustrated. Su2ie, your bouquet is lovely. It's definitely wedding season on here. Eliza and CN, there's a wedding outfit article in the latest Sew! mag if you get it (August issue), if that's any help. Stakreem, love the racket embroidery. This is also featured in the latest Sew! mag, so you're bang on trend! I'm trying to muster the energy for a walk, but it's not working, so I might just wander round the garden before it rains. I can read today so that's taken my mind off how pants I feel and if I've got the energy I'll wind some more lace bobbins for another flower later. It's cheered me up reading what you're all up to.
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    Sunny Tuesday - for now!

    Good morning. Just a quick one from me to show you the finished bit of lace I've been working this week. The ends need sewing to the start, then gathering along the straight edge to form a flower, which I'm not very good at. I'll do that after work. Have a good day all - especially while the sun's out!
  16. knit&flee

    Sunny Tuesday - for now!

    And here's a pic of the idea/scrap book I made.
  17. knit&flee

    Sunny Tuesday - for now!

    Afternoon! Work finished and now spread out in front of the tennis with my idea book and magazines to cut and paste. Goose, well done getting the decreasing out the way. Enjoy making your Attic 24 bag - she designs some lovely stuff. Stakreem, can't wait to see what your mystery craft work in progress is - does it involve tennis balls?!? Here's my finished lace flower in half stitch, with an orange whole stitch underneath. I'll look up the 3rd variation later - there's 6 in my kit. Happy crafting.
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    Evening. Been a bit of a game today playing Functioning Human - I think I fooled most people! I'm waiting for delayed Sewing Bee. Is anyone watching it? I've been watching Wimbledon all afternoon, which is why Bee is delayed. Cor there were some good matches. Energy gone, good evening all. Night.
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    Evening. Yesterday was the best day I've had all year. Maybe even longer than that. I thought I'd paced myself well. Alas I did too much and then couldn't sleep and have 'crashed' all day today. Such a shame I have to pay for such an amazing day yesterday. Eliza, your community really sounds fabulous. Not surprised you're worn out. I hope you had lots of fun. Suzy, the hats are lovely. Hope you got the rest you wanted today. CN, yes I'm finding it slow to load pages too. Did you get to rearrange your craft room? My big tidy has been scheduled to kick off next weekend when OH will be about to help lift and move things. Hopefully I'll have the energy to tackle it by then too. Have a good evening all.
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    Hello, I'm back again. Tracey, hope you've had a good day with lots of cuppas and knitting. I've had a fab day. I got a huge piece of card from a stationers' in town this morning and struggled to carry it back to the car, but a nice man helped me and it meant I didn't overtire myself, so I've been able to do loads. I've done some more lace, cut and decorated my art-book cover boards (just waiting for glue to dry before doing the spine next), written most of a letter to my bestie in some very exciting green ink and my favourite fountain pen, err what else? Oh yes, been to another town to spend a birthday voucher they kindly emailed me to remind me about before it expired and done a few more rows on my black v-neck jumper. I'm decreasing for the v-neck on the first side. Phew, that's a lot for me! I'm going to watch a film now.
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    Eliza, I'm only a beginner lace maker, but it's stupidly easy to get started. What takes the time is winding the bobbins. When you get going there's literally just 2 moves - like we have knit and purl - you learn (cross and twist) and it's the different combos of those that make the patterns.
  22. knit&flee


    I don't know why my pics always come out upside down on this site - makes me feel very topsy-turvy!
  23. knit&flee


    Hello! It's raining here! I got into town, blue skies fading to filthy black, and been home 10-15 mins and the heavens opened. Eliza, the alternative embroidery is gorgeous! Reminds me a little of the collage work we did at primary school. So much fun. I hope it helps you feel better. Very exciting to see the poms too - the mill buildings are beautiful. Stakreem, my mind has gone blank - oh free-style crocheting! Enjoy yourself. Fingers crossed there are 2 pics of my lace in progress: 1 with bobbins ready to start and the other with part done lace - you'll need to zoom in to see the pattern.
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    Hello. Lovely and sunny here at the mo. It keeps alternating between that and grey skies- it rained just a moment ago and now it's sunny again! Eliza, what is alternative embroidery? It sounds interesting. Your art weekend thing sounds fantastic! Stakreem, what an amazing opportunity to photograph a woodpecker - he's a splendid chap. Enjoy making your tea cosies. Suzy, a masters in English history will be fascinating - what an exciting thing to have to look forward to. I've been working this morning, doing some washing and ironing and making an Arne & Carlos art-journal book. I sewed the sections of pages together last night, then sewed the spine and then glued the spine this morning. Just now I glued the gauze on the dried spine to strengthen it. Now I need to source some corrugated paper and some cover board, but I don't really have the energy for shops, so I'll look online. The next steps are making the cover and gluing to the book I've constructed, which will have to wait 'til I have those supplies. My first art journal is going to be on ideas for how I'd like my dream home to look/feel. It's to support another bigger project I'm going to do from a book I read called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. Have a jolly afternoon all.
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    Hello. Had a busy day. Work first, then out to lunch with OH to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, then picked up kitty's ashes from the vet and got a stationery fix at WHS on the way home. It's raining so we're going to wait 'til it stops before we put him under the crocosmias he always used to sit on and flatten! I'm just sagging in a chair now. I'm worn out. PJ's finished btw, so I'll put a pic up when I've got more energy. Happy crafternoon all.