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  1. Littlemisselvis

    Halloween Hat/Mask

    I would have nightmares for weeks if he came knocking on my door wearing that!! It's perfect!
  2. Littlemisselvis

    My wedding

    My laptop's not playing ball so I can only get 2 up at the mo and the sizes are all over the place! My Facebook page has more on if anyone's interested! xx
  3. Littlemisselvis

    My wedding

    So finally got around to putting up some pics! Enjoy! Mrs G xx
  4. Littlemisselvis

    Tiddlin' down tuesday!

    Oh poor you Jennie it sounds like you've had a rubbish day. Just try and remember - you love who you are and are comfortable and confident with yourself, both inside and out. How many of the girls who throw bitchy comments around can truly say that about themselves?? Keep your chin up love and you know where we are if you want to rant! Lauren xx
  5. Littlemisselvis

    My first baby jumper

    Well I started the jumper at the weekend - nearly gave up after the nice easy ribbing as the pattern looked so complicated but I took it step by step and am surprised how easy it is to follow! I'll post a piccy this eve or tomorrow. Hopefully shouldn't take me too long as it's coming along much quicker than I expected. I think I may well be banned from baby knits in future though as it is making me really broody!! Though I've just seen on Facebook another of my friends is pregnant - my first reaction was yay another baby to knit for!! Hubby rolls his eyes and then reminds me about all the WIPs I have to finish - killjoy that he is!! xx
  6. Littlemisselvis

    Tiddlin' down tuesday!

    Morning Knitters! You poor things with your grumpy children! I've got a grumpy hubby as he's got a cold. A different cold to the one I've just shaken and he's very kindly given me this new one. Grr. Raining outside, and is the darkest, coldest, greyest morning we've had in a long time, so of course, my shower would choose this particular morning to decide to give up the ghost somewhat! I had minimal water pressure and the flipping thing kept going cold. Hubby's not bothered as he had a bath and apparently the shower only ever breaks if I'm using it. OK rant over! Moo - brilliant that your daughter's knitting! Tell her not to worry that she's only done a little bit so far - that's how we all started! You've made me crave chocolate milk now! It's got to be better than the Lucozade I'm drinking to stop myself getting sick! I've got Guides tonight but should be a nice easy one for the leaders as we've got a 'rock school' lady coming in to take the session so hopefully be able to take a bit of a back seat! And we're getting back the bits we made with clay a couple of weeks ago!! I swear I'm more excited than the girls!!! Was ridiculously proud of the bits I made and can't wait to show hubby! xxx
  7. Littlemisselvis

    Miserable Monday

    Buzy - http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/productdetail.asp?productcatalogue=322565 The PM thing isn't playing ball with me today! x
  8. Littlemisselvis

    Miserable Monday

    Buzy I've PMd you as may have what you're after x
  9. Littlemisselvis

    Miserable Monday

    Hi everyone Miserable weather here today, but I've got on a gorgeous new jumper so I'm all snuggly and don't mind really! Hubby went to Sainsburys for a blender to make me soup on Fri eve and I gave him strict instructions not to come back without a jumper for me! They've got 25% off at the mo and I find their clothes fits so nicely and is always very flattering. As I was sick last autumn and winter, I spent my whole time in PJs and a dressing gown (and a duvet!!) so as a result, have no autumn/winter wardrobe at all so am very much looking forward to getting some lovely jumpers in. My knitting's not quite up to the point where I can knit them for myself yet! Have decided to live in long jumpers and leggings this winter as it's so comfy and snuggly! I started my baby jumper yesterday! It's one of those patterns where you knit the diamonds next to eachother? Can't remember what it's called but they did some of the patterns in LK a couple of months ago. Thought it was going to be too hard for me but I'm taking it one step at a time and making good progress - so pleased with myself I can't stop smiling!! All this talk of bright walls is making me nervous - decorating at the mo and have painted the alcove in our spare room bright pink (and I mean bright!!) Hope you all have a good day nursing, shopping, knitting, working and trying to keep out of the rain! Lauren xxx
  10. Littlemisselvis

    looking for inspiration

    Hi Shazzer, I learnt to knit using a book called Knitty Gritty - it was brilliant as it taught me one new thing (increasing, decreasing etc) but put them into a project. I did the hat and it was dead easy but very rewarding to know I'd knitted what I was wearing! Good luck
  11. Littlemisselvis

    List of participants in Secret Santa '09

    Yep in that case, I'm in! x
  12. Littlemisselvis

    Finally it's Friday!

    Whatever it is, can I have some??!
  13. Littlemisselvis

    Finally it's Friday!

    Wow Jennie you're certainly having a productive day. Surely it must be tea break time by now?!
  14. Littlemisselvis

    List of participants in Secret Santa '09

    I'd love to be involved but I'm not very good! x
  15. Littlemisselvis

    Job Troubles..... Help please!

    Hi Su2ie, I don't know what everyone else has said as I'm at work myself and so can't read too closely. Get him to keep a written record of every incident. That way, if and when it comes to a head, he'll have a record of specific incidents rather than talking generally. I think I read that you said he's sick a lot? I'd advise him to go to the doctors and explain the situation - if his doctor signs him off with stress, even if only for a week, it'd give him a bit of a chance to take a break and recover, and maybe make his bosses see how hard on him they're being. Failing that, and if he's tried talking to the powers that be, I'd say - he's being paid minimum wage, so work like it - it sounds like the company is treating him badly and using the threat of unemployment (in the current climate) as a deterrant to keep walking all over him. If he's a good, hardworker, he WILL be able to find work somewhere else, even if it's not what he wants to do ultimately, surely anything has to be better than something that's making him so miserable? Hope this helps. Lauren xxx