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  1. .X.Heather.X.

    cupcake card

    Love this! Cupcakes = Yummy!
  2. .X.Heather.X.

    Peach Roses,,

    Lovely card, like the detail on the back too
  3. .X.Heather.X.

    Kiddie Card

    Very cute!
  4. .X.Heather.X.


    Stunning, a very pretty card. Love the watercolours x
  5. .X.Heather.X.

    Haven't been on for ages

    Sorry to hear that you have been made redundant, I hope you find something else soon. I love this card, the colouring is beautiful x
  6. .X.Heather.X.

    Hollywood Lady Cards

    Beautiful cards Rune, very classy
  7. .X.Heather.X.

    I will be very quiet over the next week :-)

    I'm back! I will look at everyones posts when I have a little time spare
  8. .X.Heather.X.

    Sent Box

    Thanks Maggie
  9. .X.Heather.X.

    Sent Box

    Is there any reason why no messages appear in my PM sent box? I know they have definitely been sent because I've had replies lol. Thanks x
  10. .X.Heather.X.

    Wish Upon A Star

    What beautiful card x
  11. I'm going on a girly holiday to Ibiza, so won't be on here for a while. I don't know how much time I wil need for recovery after either lol! x
  12. .X.Heather.X.

    Wonderful Lady

    Fantastic! x
  13. .X.Heather.X.

    how do i sell my cards on the internet??

    Have you asked your local post office? By chance I found out that the women who work at the post office by me were being asked if they had any handmade cards. I've also seen a lot of card shops on facebook. Do you have a personal facebook already? Because if you do you already have your customer base, your friends online! There is some brilliant advice from Scottish Lassie & Seaweed. Good luck, let us know how you get on!
  14. .X.Heather.X.


    Hey Peaches & welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing your makes
  15. .X.Heather.X.


    Hi Kim & welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing your makes