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  1. Lyd1a

    new look forum

    I love the new look but its a right pain trying to find things Ive posted on/topics Ive started. When I click on my profile and posts, nothing comes up? So I have to trawl the boards/search box trying to find it - but oddly the post still exisits? Is this just me?
  2. Lyd1a

    Wedding cards

    Love the silky roses And those colours fit my wedding scheme perfectly
  3. Lyd1a

    I want to buy a Silhouette Cameo

    So my Silhouette arrived yesterday!! Its fair to say that I had to scrap any potential of having a productive day of work at home whilst the machine got all of my attention! Im just getting started with it and have been using sketch pens to make little sweet jars and then cutting them with the blade. Im in awe at the accuracy of the cutting and drawing!! Ive also made 10 out the 50 wedding invites already, so can safely say that I am in love with this cutter!
  4. Lyd1a

    Reindeer wooden candle holder

    I LOVE anything reindeer/stag related. Great Design!!
  5. Fashion Jewellery on current trend is yellow gold, I dont think its more suited the older lady Finer jewelry is more popular when made in white gold or silver
  6. Lyd1a

    Note cards and folder

    What a cute notebook! I should have done this with my crafting notebooks - love the bunting on the front
  7. Lyd1a

    Cameo cut pop-up Flowers Step card

    You make me want my silhouette now! The silver card behind the cut out flowers looks great!
  8. Lyd1a

    cameo creation.

    Your Cameo skills are great Maggie! Lovely card!
  9. Lyd1a

    Wedding Invitations

    Hey! Last year I was maid of honor at a friends wedding (mega crafting duties!) and made her invites similar to that in the example that you have given. We made smaller versions - so that you could make two pockets from an A3 sheet of colored card. It fitted into a C6 envelope. We then printed out the sheets for the inside and used sticky dots to fix some white ribbon to the back. When the pocket was closed the ribbon was tied and that was the invite Ive attached one below. If you want to make one the size that you have posted (as they are quite large) your looking at an A3 sheet of card per an invite. Hand making invites I a nice touch, but tis worth remember that you will spend alot of time doing it, and its easy to get bored and then they can start getting sloppy! I would recommend getting the inserts printed professionally - home printing never has the quality and can ruin the look once you have spent so long on lovely pocket folds Im making my own invites for my wedding in September. Ill either be making an embossed card, or a card with my own die-cut design.
  10. Lyd1a

    Engagement card

    What a beautiful card! I would have loved to been given that card! Lucky couple!
  11. Lyd1a

    I want to buy a Silhouette Cameo

    Thanks for the recommendations! Im off to Stitch and Craft next weekend, so will hold of on buying one until Ive been there (in case there are any offers at the show), but then I think Ill probably buy one. They look pretty fool proof from the videos Ive seen - and Ive been practicing with inkscape, so already have a shed load of designs I want to cut Watch this space!
  12. Lyd1a

    Draught Excluders

    Little plastic bags of sand (any type) are also really effective. I used to triple bag some builders sand, sneakily taken from the yard, and place that in the bottom before stuffing with anything else. Works wonders for door stops too
  13. Hey! So I want to buy a silhouette cameo. I have alot of experience in using die cutters from college, but could defiantly not afford to buy the sort of cutters that they had there! So from my research I have decided that I think the silhouette cameo is the one for me. I will be hoping to make greeting cards, my wedding invites and packaging for my soaps So will mainly be using card stock up to 350gsm. From a forum search I see that Maggie is a professional on the SC Does anyone else have one? Is it worth the investment? I am hoping to make my own designs - does the studio program allow this? (Have I read that you need to upgrade the program to do this, how much does that cost?) Is the cutting neat? Does the blade need replacement often? - Does it come with the cutting mats? Has anyone had any problems with it? Oh and of course the most important question - where can I buy one? I see they are everywhere in america but am worried about buying one and having it sent over the sea! Its quite a pricey investment, so want to make sure Im picking the right one. Its this or the eCraft - anyone have one of those? Thankyou for reading! Lydia xxx
  14. Lyd1a

    Latest Sewing Makes - With super scrummy fabric

    Oh my Gosh, that cross stitch is fantastic! I was given a couple of meters of that scotty dog fabric for my birthday, its so pretty! xx
  15. Lyd1a

    CK Tasty Strawberry Quilted Cushion

    Love it! The strawberries are wonderful!