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  1. moosick

    What size is yours?

    My daughters schweeb is 21.5" she is only 9 And as I said mine is 22.5... Bf noggin is 23.5!
  2. moosick

    What size is yours?

    Good point Kookaloo, my bf's head "looks" massive so I'll measure his later Size doesn't matter... right?
  3. moosick

    What size is yours?

    I grabbed my tape measure just for you Su2ie! 22.5" for moi! my BF always says I have a "hoooj noggin" :cheese:
  4. moosick

    Wake Up Wednesday

    Doh I thought yesterday was being a quiet day all round... so I'm sat here trying to decide what to do for tea tonight as I really don't feel like cooking, but bf is here and he's not into frozen dinners And I suddenly thought, hold on, the last message I read was in email, not on the forums - so I won't get any more notifications - doh!!! Well spose I best stop procrastinating and get on with trying to decide what the heck to put on the table tonight! xx
  5. moosick

    Wake Up Wednesday

    Morning ladies, felt I'd drop by and say Hi. I've not forgotten this place, just really not feeling like communicating much. Feeling rather jaded and down as of late and haven't picked up the needles in ages! Not that I haven't been creative as some may have seen on facebook, but a change is as good as a rest so they say. Anyhoo just wanted to drop by and say hi, let ya know that even though I'm not posting I'm often thinking about here And hopefully will feel like being more sociable soon! Moo x
  6. moosick

    LK's rabbit and Seamus

    haha I love seamus, I read your post then clicked his photo and he actually made me laugh out loud! The way he's just propped there all wavey and slouched like, and his expression, does definitely look like he's been on the hard stuff!! He's great!
  7. That's the great thing about kids, they love anything and everything, flaws and all - even us mummies!
  8. moosick

    Free wool for pick up

    dark is on split personality patrol atm ^^ Portsmouth isn't far from me but I have far too much wool as it is, what a lovely kind and generous offer though!
  9. moosick

    Can't think of a word to go in front of..... THURSDAY!!!!

    take a dino with you... hmmm can I take my bf? :cheese:
  10. moosick

    Can't think of a word to go in front of..... THURSDAY!!!!

    I wonder how long it is before the females in the couple no longer bother trying to keep it hidden... my bf let it out on the first date! He claims thats how he won me over and so refuses to stop :roll: Men!
  11. moosick

    Can't think of a word to go in front of..... THURSDAY!!!!

    Cheers Dark, I'm fine now, well.. apart from trapped wind.. I can't break wind with bf around, even after 6 years - he's heard me once, about a year or so ago, and almost threw a party :roll: I was in the bathroom at the time, which I have told him, is perfectly acceptable! So just sat suffering with cramps -but self inflicted hehehe hehe Dee I keep saying to bf he if could stand to jump, he'd rattle too, he's only on three different type of meds though, so wouldn't be that noisy
  12. moosick

    Can't think of a word to go in front of..... THURSDAY!!!!

    Morning, yes it is still woot I managed to wake in the first half of the day - always a bonus ^^ I've not been around much since I last posted... Been a bit iffy on monday and tuesday, so much so that when I took Alex and her best friend/next door neighbour (how handy is that) to the cinema - I fell asleep!! Really wasn't with it, I rarely sleep during the day because then I can't sleep at night. I also passed out around tea time too, very odd for me! Was also suffering with a bad back so had some pain meds which didn't help, and a nice hot soak a couple of hours later which did help. Felt better by yesterday, but then had to pack and take Alex out some place with the neighbour and then get traipsed to bf's parents house - he's laid up in bed with some trapped muscle/nerve issue and can barely move - it's groin related and nothing to do with me may I add! It's his insistence on breast stroke at swimming when I've told him to mix it up with front crawl, but ofc being male, he knows best. He then swam 2 miles on the tues, and another 2 on the weds... :roll: Also we received some bad news about a friend who finally passed away so a little distracted at the mo too. Add to the fact it is half term and rather hectic. Except after being dragged to parents bf house to keep bf company, I'm rather house bound at the mo :-S From hectic to boredom hehe And yes, this post was prompted by Su2ie hehehe she chased me down on facebook and added me :cheese: I received a text this morning from my sister at 7:30 "r u awake?" I replied at 10 saying "no y?" but she said it doesn't matter... I'm left wondering does it not matter because she thinks I'm still asleep - this is my sister we're talking about, she's not known for having more than a handful of active brain cells at any one time.. or does it not matter because I was too late to give assistance.. I should really phone her, but oh that would require some effort on my part
  13. moosick

    Snoozable Sunday

    I was going to say morning until I noticed the time :roll: I can't stay, in the middle of cooking a huge roast dinner - for three haha left overs for me tomorrow ;-) BF has been laid up in bed with a bad back/leg/wherever the pain moves next. He thinks he's trapped a nerve but his grunting and groaning kept me up most the night, also meant he couldn't go out yesterday and get me a valentines day card - so no cards for me :down: But I gave out two - we always get alex a card and a little gift to let her know she's loved, and last night I was thinking maybe it's a corny thing to do, I mean we do sign it from us ofc, but when I saw her little face this morning with her card - it was worth it. Right, quicky from me, off to check the chicken.. Moo xx
  14. moosick

    sweetheart mitts and hear

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! Yep, we love holding hands - which I'm sure won't last much longer, being 8 now I'm getting sly kisses at the school gates, won't be long before she's too grown up to hold my hand. So figured knit a mitt to make the most of it
  15. moosick

    sweetheart mitts and hear

    Googled loads of sweetheart mittens/lovers mittens/holding hand mittens and chose the one that looked easiest and also I think use dk wool no idea which one I used though :S