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  1. The Lighthouse

    Im going to be in Doc Martin!!!!!!

    Oooh! How exciting is THAT!!! How do you do virtual curtseys to famous actresses on the forum? What a special time Sarah, a real great name to "drop"!
  2. The Lighthouse

    Tilda has a friend at last

    Well ... I think you should marry him right quick!!!
  3. The Lighthouse

    Special Delivery

    I can imagine this beautiful card becoming a family heirloom! It's just wonderful and must have taken just ages to complete! How pleased is mum going to be to recieve this!!! Well done!
  4. The Lighthouse

    couple of cards

    I think these cards are really lovely Rosie! I spend so much time watching tutorials on stamping but have never gathered the nerve to have a go! You've done a lovely job and I'd never had thought this was your first go! Well done you for a really succesful first attempt! Glow with pride!!
  5. The Lighthouse

    Birds A Feeding!

    Your cards really are individual works of art Natalie! I love looking at the photos, well done!
  6. How exciting! Is this your first craft fair? I love these cards and even though they're at the lower end of your price range ... they're still outstanding designs for the price! Yeap, he sure looks like he's missing some limbs but maybe people will feel sad for him and buy twice as many! I wonder how much stock you've gathered for your stall and how you worked out how much you'd need!
  7. The Lighthouse

    Back in the swing of things

    Happy to hear you're feeling so much better Michelle! The new batch of cards are beautiful, as is your lovely daughter - happy 15 months! xx
  8. The Lighthouse

    Spooky the Tree

    How lovely is that! Just soooo clever, well done you!
  9. The Lighthouse

    cards made with b/d rak from louise

    What super cards Barbara, needless to say, my most favorite is the one with the little boat and "nautical" embellishments! Just great!
  10. The Lighthouse

    Some new Cards On My Blog

    Just checked out your blog Sue and I love your new cards! I'm wondering what sort of pen (if that's what you used?) to "in-line" the beautiful cross on the Christening card. It's so lovely!
  11. The Lighthouse

    Heartfull Flower Fairy

    This is such a beautiful card Natalie, it must have taken you ages to design and create! I love it right up to the sky!!!
  12. The Lighthouse

    cake boxes

    Oooh! I'll go with the bailey's buttercream it sounds just "gorgeous" as our Megan would say! What a project to undertake, I'm much impressed!
  13. The Lighthouse

    Jennies Bird House

    I just love this card - however do you think of these 3D designs, they are so cool!!!
  14. The Lighthouse

    Summer's Hotting Up!

    ... always plenty of room for another "crew" sarah! xx
  15. The Lighthouse

    Summer's Hotting Up!

    A bit like banging yer head against a brick wall really Tracy! It's lovely to sit onboard and look out over the water when the rest of the day has stopped!!! (But only if it's not blowing a gale!)