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  1. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Decopatch Supplies

    Hi, I've bought a few sheets of decopatch paper to have a play with from a craft shop when I was out for the day. Nowhere locally sells them so I wondered where the best online shop is? Its such a nice craft and so quick!
  2. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Foksy, etsy or own website or all !!!!

    Hi, I have just closed my website down today as I've had it for 2 years and had very few sales - possibly 3 in total. I've also tried misi, a UK version of etsy/folksy and had a similar response. For me the best option so far has been my facebook page. I can update at any time, there's millions of people to connect with and best of all - its free lol. I dont have the time to spend constantly working on a website anymore which was another reason I closed it down. Good luck with whatever you decide x
  3. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Promarkers Swap

    Thanks anyway - i think i'll pop them on ebay now x
  4. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Promarkers Swap

    Hi, i have a few duplicate promarkers and wondered if anyone would like to swap them. The ones I have are; Black x 2 Henna Ruby Canary please message me if yoy would like to swap, thanks
  5. Red-Devil Jewellery

    What Do You Make?

    Sorry, it was just a general question not necessarily related to the cricut or cd roms lol. I just wondered what other papercrafts people do on here x
  6. Red-Devil Jewellery

    What Do You Make?

    Hi, I have recently bought a cricut expression and have so far made a few calendars for Christmas presents for kids, I used the inks rather than the blade so that they can be coloured in. What items do you make? I would like to make things other than cards and have so far come up with bookmarks and notebooks. I have loads of cd roms that I can use for imaging etc too but would love to know what other people make with their stash. Thanks x
  7. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Bookmark Cards

    Ive made a few cards and attached bookmarks so they can double as a present. These are just two of them x
  8. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Jewellery Names

    Hi, I've decided to give collection names to the items I make and so far have Circles of Sparkle for one of the gift sets. Do you have any suggestions on where to get ideas from or how I could come up with the names? I've come to a bit of a halt on the charm bracelets that I've made as they have pony beads on the chain rather than charms. If any of you name your collections where do you get your inspiration from? x
  9. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Wavy bracelet

    Wow, that's amazing. Is it a stretch bracelet? x
  10. Red-Devil Jewellery


    I don't drive or know any of the people on our street so I'll have to keep things simple, thanks for the suggestions though x
  11. Red-Devil Jewellery


    Thanks all, I'll treat it as a craft fair and take it from there. I was planning on spreading my pieces out between our two living rooms, like you say, to avoid crowding. I just hope people come! I could make it a regular event if it goes well. Thanks again for the tips x
  12. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Gift Sets

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I bought 50 boxes in bulk a few months ago so I do still have some - I will bear the website in mind for future. I've got some other beads in different colours that I am also going to make into these sets. Czech firepolished beads are so versatile and sparkly - they're my favourie beads.
  13. Red-Devil Jewellery

    Gift Sets

    These are a few gift sets I've made over the last few days - I'll be boxing them up for my jewellery party.
  14. Red-Devil Jewellery


    Hi, I'm holding my first jewellery party in a few weeks & wondered if you have any hints or tips that could make it go well. Do i need to serve drinks & nibbles etc? Thanks in advance x
  15. Red-Devil Jewellery


    Hi all, The eclips has arrived and I'm hoping to have a play in the next few days though the card stock I purchased from the craft day has yet to arrive - so far I have only received 5 items and still have quite a lot to come. The stuff that has come was delivered by Royal Mail and I'm pretty sure the p&p costs were wildly inflated! I have emailed QVCs CEO to suggest capped or discounted p&p. I do live in the UK and like was mentioned previously QVC send everything individually not as one order - bit stupid if you ask me as I'm sure it would reduced costs sending as one item. I love the card kits that they have available but don't think I'll be buying again - I think I'll stick to create and craft and general online craft stores.