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  1. Hi everyone from Let's Knit forum, i hope we all find everyone? i have used this site before and i know it looks daunting :ohh: but it is a lot of fun. I was on let's knit as Crazycrafter40 see you all soon :-)
  2. dizzydo

    Help with Zinnia?

    Hi, has anyone knitted the beaded bag from LK July issue? My sister is trying and has come to a part which she is stumped (i am not experienced enough): It is the row in which she has to add the large beads and is not sure what is meant by: (page 26) Next row: (RS) keeping bead colours correct as set, K5 [(pb,K1) twice, pb, K2, K2tog, K1] five times, (pb,K1) twice, pb, K3. 58 sts she has tried this row but is left with more stitch's than said? Any help would be greatful. Jo x
  3. dizzydo

    Map Of Knitters

    Brill Map Dreamy!! Did not realise so many of us are down south, glad i moved :-) Sorry not been on much, just don't have the time these days. Don't worry have still been knitting, have finshed a hat for myself and my sister and i are knitting the Alan Dart ginger bread house and gnomes as a surprise for our mum (she knitts lots of dolls etc)
  4. dizzydo

    If you were a ball of yarn...

    I think i would be something safe like a DK in purple with a little bit of sparkle for special nites ;-)
  5. dizzydo

    In case we ever do meet....where is everyone living?

    Hi i'm in Hampshire near the Surry boarder.
  6. dizzydo

    Spot the knitting

    Alex on cbeebies was knitting a yellow scarf and snout was knitting one too on Kerwhizz.
  7. dizzydo

    Crocheted bag

    Very nice....love the colours :-)
  8. dizzydo

    first missionaire's sock done

    Very nice :-)
  9. dizzydo

    Good morning all

    Good luck with the race. I know how you feel when you don't see the parents for a long time.....when i say my mum back at easter( had not seen her for nearly a yr) she look very old, but she was in a lot of pain as she was awaiting a hip op, she has had it now, all went well so i am hoping when i see her next week she will look like a new person well not to new i might not know her It's raining again here, where is the SUMMER! >:-(
  10. dizzydo

    Who taught you to knit?

    I think i learnt to knit when i was at school, but i retought myself 17 yrs ago.
  11. dizzydo

    I've chosen my birthday pressie!

    Great book, i will be bookmarking that page :cheese:
  12. dizzydo

    Teapot Beanie & Jumper

    They are great....you are very clever :-)
  13. dizzydo


    well done both................i must have ago next time :cheese:
  14. dizzydo

    what does it mean?

    Hi, I have started knitting the flower's for the flower bag from LK 21 and i am not sure what it means when it says pass st's 1,2,3,4 and so on over the first stitch to leave one??? :question: Can anyone help?
  15. dizzydo

    what does it mean?

    Thanks Su2ie.......It Worked. :-)
  16. dizzydo

    Bag Lady!!!!

    they are great, good work :-)
  17. dizzydo

    Cerulean Fashion Show

    Well here it is a last and yes this is the top i bought to go with it. Not bad if i say so my self :cheese:
  18. dizzydo

    5th time lucky Cerulean?

    Well i have started it again for the 5th time and all seems well :cheese: Will keep you posted on progress.
  19. dizzydo

    Cerulean Fashion Show

    nice work, looks great.
  20. dizzydo

    5th time lucky Cerulean?

    Thank you everyone , i should have it finshed tonight so look out for pics on the fashon show :cheese:
  21. dizzydo

    another year older

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :-) have a great day.
  22. dizzydo

    5th time lucky Cerulean?

    Hi Buzy, I am using sublime extra fine merino, it's beautiful wool to work with. I'm looking forward to wearing it too.....lol (if the weather gets better)
  23. dizzydo

    The first thing you ever knitted...

    I can't remeber the first thing, but i can the last thing when i gave up 14 yrs ago, it was a cream cotton cardi for my now 18 yr old daughter (she wore it once then my now EX washed it on to high temp and ruiend it, that's when put needles away) but the first thing i knitted when started again is a little rainbow scarf for my 6yr olds teddy.
  24. dizzydo

    Age range of Knit Natterers

    I am 41, but at mo feel about 50 with all the moving stress, .......normally i feel 35, funny that is what age i am told i look %-P
  25. dizzydo

    Cerulean wip

    Hi Dietgirl, Thanks will have a look and and fingers crossed :cheese: