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  1. dizzydo

    Help with Zinnia?

    Hi, has anyone knitted the beaded bag from LK July issue? My sister is trying and has come to a part which she is stumped (i am not experienced enough): It is the row in which she has to add the large beads and is not sure what is meant by: (page 26) Next row: (RS) keeping bead colours correct as set, K5 [(pb,K1) twice, pb, K2, K2tog, K1] five times, (pb,K1) twice, pb, K3. 58 sts she has tried this row but is left with more stitch's than said? Any help would be greatful. Jo x
  2. dizzydo

    Map Of Knitters

    Brill Map Dreamy!! Did not realise so many of us are down south, glad i moved :-) Sorry not been on much, just don't have the time these days. Don't worry have still been knitting, have finshed a hat for myself and my sister and i are knitting the Alan Dart ginger bread house and gnomes as a surprise for our mum (she knitts lots of dolls etc)
  3. dizzydo

    If you were a ball of yarn...

    I think i would be something safe like a DK in purple with a little bit of sparkle for special nites ;-)
  4. dizzydo

    In case we ever do meet....where is everyone living?

    Hi i'm in Hampshire near the Surry boarder.
  5. dizzydo

    Spot the knitting

    Alex on cbeebies was knitting a yellow scarf and snout was knitting one too on Kerwhizz.
  6. dizzydo

    Crocheted bag

    Very nice....love the colours :-)
  7. dizzydo

    first missionaire's sock done

    Very nice :-)
  8. dizzydo

    Good morning all

    Good luck with the race. I know how you feel when you don't see the parents for a long time.....when i say my mum back at easter( had not seen her for nearly a yr) she look very old, but she was in a lot of pain as she was awaiting a hip op, she has had it now, all went well so i am hoping when i see her next week she will look like a new person well not to new i might not know her It's raining again here, where is the SUMMER! >:-(
  9. dizzydo

    Who taught you to knit?

    I think i learnt to knit when i was at school, but i retought myself 17 yrs ago.
  10. dizzydo

    I've chosen my birthday pressie!

    Great book, i will be bookmarking that page :cheese:
  11. dizzydo

    Teapot Beanie & Jumper

    They are great....you are very clever :-)
  12. dizzydo


    well done both................i must have ago next time :cheese:
  13. dizzydo

    what does it mean?

    Thanks Su2ie.......It Worked. :-)
  14. dizzydo

    Bag Lady!!!!

    they are great, good work :-)
  15. dizzydo

    what does it mean?

    Hi, I have started knitting the flower's for the flower bag from LK 21 and i am not sure what it means when it says pass st's 1,2,3,4 and so on over the first stitch to leave one??? :question: Can anyone help?