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  1. Craft lover

    Fancy wrapping up :)

    Beautiful wrapping Louise!!!!
  2. Craft lover

    Homemade soft white rolls and chocolate mints

    They both look very yummy Louise!!!!
  3. Craft lover

    memory box for sisters 60th birthday treasures

    It's stunning Barbara..I love it. Well done I hope your sister has a wonderful day!!!!
  4. Craft lover

    Patchwork Kingdom Christmas cards

    They are beautiful Pips. Well done
  5. Craft lover

    Resin Jewellery

    They are lovely Han. Well done
  6. Craft lover

    Something Slightly New

    It's stunning Natalie hun...I bet Josh just loved it. Well done
  7. Craft lover

    Thank you Clara Cluck

    Beautiful card.
  8. Beautiful cards and gifts Sam. How kind of Laverne and MT.
  9. It's stunning Gaynor. How very kind of Natalie.
  10. Craft lover

    card swap thank you

    I bet it's beautiful.
  11. Craft lover

    thank you magpiesdelight (caroline)

    Lots of wonderful goodies Barbara. How kind of Caroline.
  12. Craft lover

    Thank you so much Caroline....

    How kind of Caroline!!! Good luck with the whole event Gaynor.
  13. Craft lover

    A big thankyou to magpiesdelight (caroline)

    Wonderful crafty goodies and beads hun. How kind of Caroline.
  14. Craft lover

    RAK Thanks to MT and Bigbunniesuk

    Wonderful Rak's Debbie. How kind of them. both.
  15. Craft lover

    October bookmark thanks to tiggertastic

    Beautiful bookmark.
  16. Craft lover

    October Bookmark RAK thanks

    Wonderful Raks hun..enjoy using them.
  17. Craft lover

    Swap Thanks to Chellie

    Wonderful goodies Debbie. How kind of her.
  18. Craft lover

    Thank you to Maritrez and ?

    I bet they are both beautiful.
  19. Craft lover

    Thank you so much Maritrez

    Lovely magnet and images. how kind of MT.
  20. Craft lover

    Yet more Birthday Thankyous

    Beautiful cards and gifts Sam. How kind of everyone.
  21. Craft lover

    big big thankyou to seaweed (debbie)

    How kind of Debbie. Enjoy using them.
  22. Craft lover

    Thank you MT Fridge Magnet swap

    Beautiful magnet and images Shirley.
  23. Craft lover

    Fridge magnet thanks to MT

    Beautiful magnet and Rak hun. How kind of MT.
  24. Craft lover

    Thank you MT for Card Swap

    Beautiful card and Rak Shirley. How kind of MT.
  25. Craft lover

    Some new Christmas pressie makes!

    They are all beautiful. Well done