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  1. Paul Macey

    Are you not allowed to upload pics - see here

    Hi Evie, Sorry about that, this issue should now be fixed. Please try creating an album, and if you get any more problems please let me know. Thanks, Paul
  2. Hi Suga, What browser are you using? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi Sue, We're working on that as we speak!
  4. Ahhhh! Of course. Bear with me I'll up the limit. Bobsie, don't do anything for a moment :-) Try again in 5 minutes or so. Thanks, Paul
  5. Hi Bobsie, what device are you using? Paul
  6. Great news, the topic ordering is now sorted - the most recent threads appear at the top, descending to the older threads!
  7. Hooray! Glad to hear you're sorted out. Please don't hesitate to post back if you encounter any more. Great! Glad to be of help!
  8. Hi there, Yes I have sent you an email :-) Thanks, Paul
  9. Hi all, I have updated the original post with more info about PM's / images / fonts etc. Thanks for all the kind words about the new forum :-) We're working on the rest of the issues as quickly and carefully as we can! Thanks, Paul
  10. Paul Macey

    Personal Information *UPDATE*

    Hi there, We're sorry to hear of your loss. I can confirm that the yahoo email account associated to the patgalias member account has been unsubscribed from mailings. Please allow 24 / 48 hours for this change to come into effect. Thanks, Paul
  11. Paul Macey

    new look forum

    Hi boxclever, Can you post some links to examples of the problem please? Ideally in the following thread: http://www.homecraftforums.com/topic/48265-new-forum-problems-bugs-update-happy-sad-tell-us-what-you-think/ The stars / dots are called pips, they signify the level of posts that you have made - I'll see what I can do about getting the cupcakes back! Thanks, Paul
  12. Paul Macey

    Too many emails!

    Hi there, Sorry to hear that - I can confirm you've now been unsubscribed. Please allow 24 hours for this change to come into effect! Thanks, Paul
  13. That's reputation, the more you post and the more people like your postings the greater that reputation will be It's not something you have to worry about. We may remove that functionality later down the line. Paul
  14. Great! Glad to hear you're liking the new design. Ok, that's really interesting to know about the size limitations. Please don't edit your photos just yet, I will take a look into that today and update the thread as appropriate. It looks like the limit just needs increasing :-) I think the limit is 500KB from what you're saying but I'll increase it to 3MB shortly. Hi Bobsie, thanks for getting in touch. We're looking into the text size and style now. For now we're going to increase the size somewhat but it'll be a little longer before I can say we're going to change it to Arial or not. We'll need to put in more work to make that happen. I'll get back to you on that - I hope that's ok