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  1. IceBlue

    Issue 3 is in!!

    Yep mine was bent too. The other 2 issues I've received have been fine so I know they can be packaged correctly. On a more positive note, the projects look like fun to do and there are a few designs I shall be attempting no doubt
  2. IceBlue

    Have you made anything from the mag yet?

    I have made the Ring the Changes necklace on page 44 of issue 2. Came out rather nice. Hubby was interested and helped too Unfortunately every time I try and upload a pic, it's too large even though I've resized it :red:
  3. IceBlue

    Issue 3 is in!!

    Can't wait to get mine! The swarovski special sounds very useful
  4. IceBlue

    lets make card lads and dads

    Me too!! I love the Mr Men :-)
  5. IceBlue

    Oooh, I just made this and I LURVE it!

    That is one fab watch! Love it :-) Well done on a great design. I hope to make a watch some day.
  6. IceBlue

    Which pliers?

    They've arrived along with a jewellery kit I ordered :-) I'm going to have a bash at making it up this weekend. Would start sooner only i'm out the next 2 nights. Can't wait! Just hope it ends up as something wearable
  7. IceBlue

    Card blanks

    Thanks for all your suggestions guys
  8. IceBlue

    Which pliers?

    Thanks all I've placed an order for some online. Hopefully they should arrive in the next few days! Looking forward to having a bash at making something :-)
  9. IceBlue

    Card blanks

    Thanks for the info
  10. IceBlue

    Which pliers?

    Thanks very much to all of you for your comments and the warm welcome I think I'll opt for a set of pliers. It sounds like the best way forward. I'll have to take a lookie and see what I can find :-)
  11. IceBlue

    Which pliers?

    Is there any advantage to buying a set of different pliers over a 4 in 1 one? The reason I ask is purely based on cost. It's much cheaper to buy one than a set of 4 although I'm happy to get a set if they do a better job. Thanks
  12. IceBlue

    Card blanks

    Bit of a dull question I'm afraid but wonder if you can help. I'm new to card making and am after some nice quality card blanks. Can anyone point me in the right direction to suppliers please? Been looking on QVC - are their prices competitive with others? Big thanks
  13. IceBlue

    Competition Party Winners!

    Congratulations to everyone that has won so far :-)
  14. IceBlue

    Issue Number 2 ...

    I love the second issue. Some really nice projects in there especially for beginners like myself Are there any plans to show how to make a lariat? I just love those. Thankies :-)
  15. IceBlue

    Subscription query

    Thanks very much for letting me know