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  1. minxie

    Count to 1,000,000

  2. minxie

    Oooh, I just made this and I LURVE it!

    absolutely gorgeous, love it, my watch keeps spinning round my wrist. so maybe i should have a go sometime well done
  3. minxie

    Hand bag charm my second ever make

    thanks all,for your comments. i just need to get my hands on my new tools, and now i need to decide what to make next. i have a wedding blessing to go to in a couple of weeks, and would like to make something for that, but as i havent even got an outfit yet, i have no idea what colours etc. i best get cracking. Big thanks and hugs to caroline for all your help xx
  4. Hi, I made this yesterday, I'm quite pleased with it.I am awaiting my new tools, as I am curently using the household ones, which are to big and bulky and very old. I enjoyed making ithe charm but again spent ages, puting colours together. I hope you like it. I am seriously getting into this, I went bead hunting in charity shops yesterday, and found some but not much, sadly. happy sunday all
  5. minxie

    hand bag charm and book mark

    thanks very much caroline, helpful as ever, the pics are a great help, and fab work as usual. i shall need to do abit more shopping,,, shame, hehe, hugs minxie
  6. minxie

    Shell and quartz bangle

    love them, i bet they looked fab on, well done,
  7. minxie

    Some of my recent makes ;-)

    WOW again, i love the first one, the pink against the black is stunning, i would be very happy to receive that as a pressie,it's so professional looking. well done,i love them all. You are extremely talented, and i love the way you display them with your flowers, no doubt arranged by you too. gorgeous minxie x
  8. Hi I am looking for projects for a hand bag charm and a bookmark, I would be very grateful, if anyone can point me in the right direction. thank you
  9. minxie

    new and eager

    Hi, Your thread sounds just like my recent ones. I too am brand new to jewellery making and with alot of help and advice from the great gals on here I managed to make my first piece. I was very excited when my goodies came through the post, so i know how you feel. welcome and enjoy
  10. minxie

    First PMC ring

    love it,! but what is PMC and how do you use it, would love to make something like that
  11. minxie

    My simple swarovski bracelet and earrings

    They are lovely well done
  12. minxie

    Where did your user name come from?!

    Minxie, because when I first met my partner, he said I looked like a 'little minx' and it stuck. At one point his friends only knew me as minxie, they didn't even know my real name. Now I am known as The Minx or Minxie. i like it and use it all the time now.
  13. minxie

    Count to 1,000,000

  14. minxie

    Earrings and things I made last night!

    wow, how busy have you been, your jewellery is really well made and it looks fab. you must be really pleased with your efforts
  15. wow absolutely gorgeous, I hope to be able to make pieces like that one day well done