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  1. eyeofthedivine

    bead loom help

    So I haven't used one in a long time and the one I have used was the native american style one. I need to buy a new one and had my eye on this one: http://cdn.beadsdirect.co.uk/product-images/w/300/w327.jpg?x- Anyone got any experience with this loom? Is it good or bad? And is it simple to use? eyeofthedivine
  2. eyeofthedivine

    pass it on challenge-ends 31st march ***closed***

    This is probably gonna sound a little weird but: randomness is definatly the beader's best friend I find not planning things tends to produce better final design, I think if you plan too much it dampens creativity. hope it helps lol x
  3. eyeofthedivine

    In dire need

    Thanks guys I really appriciate you guys the whole point of it was because I really don't have many friends around where I live most of my friends are spread around the country and I'd like to invite people to my home, socialse have a brew and just talk. My partner goes out all the time with his friends and I'm stuck at home on my own all day. (That probably sounds really sad lol)
  4. eyeofthedivine

    In dire need

    well I've had a look around and theres nothing the only thing they have is a degree course lol but will definatly keep looking!
  5. eyeofthedivine

    In dire need

    awwww thank you Debbie! hope you feel better soon hun xx Hi paperkate! thats a great idea thank you will have to have a little rumage in my area because I only know of one shop round here that does it but they are quite a big one so they might have an idea. I never thought about setting my own one up lol but if I can't find one I think I'll look into it! Hi Cat Woman, Yeah I've been on this site before and they do look great the problem I have is getting there as I live approx 45 miles away in stoke and don't drive which makes getting there difficult. Thank you for replying to my thread though I do appriciate it
  6. eyeofthedivine

    In dire need

    hello everyone! I know its been a while since I posted anything on the forums but I have been lurking about reading threads and so on. At the moment I really need help whilst I was at university I was fine and now that I'm not I would really like to join a jewellery making class and I can't find one near where I live anyway I live in staffordshire and I was wondering if anyone knew of any classes or workshop in that area? and how much these classes cost if you have that information? Anyway I've tried to abide by the rules of the forum and not give out too much information about where I live and if I haven't abided closely enough to these rules I appologise its just that I'm starting to feel a little despirate now. This is just an idea but maybe having a thread for local clubs (not just jewellary making) across the UK and other countries might be an idea then if someone wants to find out these things they won't have to tell anyone anything its just there already. If you don't feel comfortable answering my post then please feel free to Private message me kind regards to everyone xxxx
  7. Thanks paperkate wow Maritrez they look awesome I love the red coloured ones you've used xx
  8. thanks I was a bit chuffed when it was finished but I don't think it will win lol I'm just entering for fun xx
  9. sorry its a bit late but here's my entry. Basically its a three layered necklace the inner most ring is hand made fimo beads made by myself. The middle layer is swarovski bicones whilst the outer most layer is a collection of beads. These are linked together by a broach which basically some scrap material I had at the time. I was inspired by a necklace my mother pointed out to me in a shop once which was similar except it was a mother of pearl instead of what I used which is a bit more expensive lol.
  10. eyeofthedivine

    adding extras

    Hi everyone, I am knitting a scarf its the first thing I've ever knitted and somehow there are parts getting bigger my mum says its because I might not be dropping the stitch properly but I have no idea what she means can anyone give me some tips? Lucy xx
  11. eyeofthedivine

    Does anyone know what these are for?

    maybe you should try the librarys antique books might find something there?
  12. eyeofthedivine

    First attempt at a bracelet!

    hey thats a great first attempt hope your enjoying it!
  13. eyeofthedivine

    my hair is a disaster

    ohh dear I'm sure it was an accident I hope it gets sorted soon and I'm sure th trainee will get better at dying hair!
  14. eyeofthedivine

    New craft room,

    It looks really cool wish I had a room to myself just for crafting might get more done that way lol
  15. eyeofthedivine

    Handbag charms

    they look dead cool looking foreward to seeing more!