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    Household Help & Top Tips

    I recently picked up a book that gave a load of ideas on how to use Bicarbonate of Soda, I have a load of it at home from when I made bath bombs. It reallly is a useful addition to the household. I also use Soda Crystals in the washing machine with my soap power to help remove stains and boost the cleaning just like the branded stuff, only its a lot cheaper and lasts longer.
  2. Wytchcrafty

    Issue 3 is in!!

    Hi everyone Just wanted to say how much i love all those lovely tiaras in the latest mag, makes me wish I was getting married but theres no men out there with the good sense to see what I have to offer. However a friend of mine is getting married/handfasted in July and I'm going to surprise her with some bridal jewellery in her favourite colours. I think its really good how so many other colours are being used for weddings these days.
  3. I got mine through the door on the 26th March it hasn't left my sight since, I took it to bed with me the next day cause I wasn't feeling well. I have since spotted it in my local Asda and can't tell you how smug I felt when I saw it knowing I didn't need to pick it up, unfortunately I didn't see a crowd around it, shame on everyone else not wanting to pick up a copy of this wonderful magazine. Thank you to everyone involved in producing it.
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    Hi minxie I've started at christmas, and found I had some basic tools around the house. But to start off try your local pound shops that have diy tools. you can get chain nose pliers that don't have ridges, although I found these work for crimping tightly, wire cutters for snipping any ends, and flat nose pliers all for around £1 or £1.50. You can get economy round nose pliers at hobbycraft for about £2.50 or check ebay or many of the wonderful shops doted around this site. I love the mini pliers myself, cause I like small items and they are so cute too.
  5. Wytchcrafty

    New Magazine

    LOVELY SURPRISE WAITING ON MY DOORMAT :-) Came home from my jewellery making course, after telling everyone about the 'new' magazine that is coming out, and that I had already subscribed, and couldn't wait for tomorrow when I thought it would be received. So imagine my delight at opening the door after collecting my son from school to find the beautiful front cover looking up at me from the floor. I controlled my instincts for 10 minutes while I made a nice warm drink and then started the serious business of flicking through and marking down items for further inspection. Which I may be better doing after sons bedtime when I have peace and quiet and all my jewellery equipment out. I am so glad I was guided into this area of crafting. :-)