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  1. clairevarley

    First 'smirked' card

    im loving smirk ! its soo cute and refreshing and fun ! great for child and adults alike have to look into getting my self some personal bits and upload my creations
  2. clairevarley

    New York Backing Papers

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/150-New-York-Images-Make-Your-Own-Cards-Scrap-Book_W0QQitemZ220339835973QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Crafts_PapercraftTools_RL?hash=item220339835973&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72:1683|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318 i came across this, its a cd containing lots of new york images, however how about creating your own, just check out google images and re-create your own !
  3. clairevarley

    Prefrences & Advice

    out of courtesy for the forum and support i have received i have removed the additonal line. thanks for letting me know
  4. clairevarley

    Prefrences & Advice

    Hi thanks for your replies and thanks for your support but according to Emma Ward my posts sound like advertising.... so please do not respond to this, as im receiving funny emails giving me a ticking off
  5. clairevarley

    Prefrences & Advice

    thank you all info is superb... can i ask what acetate is? i have never used it before, so not so sure ... is it very popular, i look on some shops and alot i have come across do not stock, however alot have searched it through mine, which i dont stock.
  6. clairevarley

    Prefrences & Advice

    Hi im trying to an order on stock based on what i have read on here the forum and doing a bit of research on other shops.... whats the prefrence clear stamps v wooden ones.... I know clear stamps can generally be cheaper but a crafty pal was telling me when it comes to cleaning they can deteroriate ! I want to buy quality items to last so customers keep coming back. Also chalk sets ? I have seen these but have never personally used them and have not seen them on many crafting projects are these any good? Also acetate , i really dont have a clue what this is haha ! i have gone onto my website admin panel and look at what customers search ! And finally - i can get stencils etc what other crafting accessories are needed for the stencils.? Any help would be grateful. Thanks
  7. clairevarley

    Great Weather.... huh !

    yayyyyy lost 2.5 lbs at rosemary connelly thats 1st 5lbs nowwwwww.... its hard work just had my treat a egg mayo and hot bacon bappppp it was lovellyyyy got salsacise later to work it off.. nowww to the front and behind, now double side step let me see those twinkle toes hahah !
  8. clairevarley

    Great Weather.... huh !

    hahah ok ! sooo update .... this time no snowball attack, and no twisted ankles... but it took me about 2 hrs to do 3- 3.5hr walk because everything had turned to slosh and ice ... but my work did sort me out some safety boots to go home in... very sexy ! couldnt wait to take them off they were killing and sooo heavy! it will all pay off in weigh in tomorrow at Rosemary Connelly !
  9. clairevarley

    Newbie just wanting to say hello!

    Thanks again everyone.... and also if you have any advice on running a successful shops i needs lots of ideas... im a one woman boat ! and only know one other person who crafts in my family ! need to get more on the bandwagon ! I check out other shops... but like everything stocking up is veryyyy expensive ! sooo at the mo my wages and earnings from the shop at the moment , are going on buying new items ... *what kind of things do you the shoppper like to see? *what kind of service do you expect? These would be great Thanks people ! xx and again thanks for the great warm welcome !
  10. clairevarley

    Advice on how to run a great shop!

    Hello Everyone I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice and pointers, and kinds of products people buy ! I have a good idea, but like anything you need alot of money to get started so im buying little bits to build stock up. I am new at having my own online store, its very hard work, late nights etc ! Its still being modified and tweeked , and products being uploaded ! Obviously i can not exactly match the big shots when it comes to pricing as the more you buy the more you get off... but i have found some great products which i will upload that they dont have ! yayayyyyy any advice on anything from products to service, would be great ! let us know what kind of service you would expect.!
  11. clairevarley

    Great Weather.... huh !

    Same here my mum woke me up and said not to take the car so we had a small barney... she did wake me up at 6am to get to work for 9am ! then my dad called me and told me not to take the car.... he did pay for half and insurance to help out soooo thought i best honour his wishes..... now hes been sent home !and my brother! and my bf have all been sent home from work ..... no sign i will be able to leave thou ! apparently the snow later is going to get really thick so im dreading walking home.... my work said they will sort me out some safety boots hahah ! they are really sexy and steel toe caps haha! but at least they will get me home safer than dolly shoes !
  12. clairevarley

    Great Weather.... huh !

    Hi everyone... doesn't it look great outside.... apart from the fact i had to walk to work it took me 1.15 minutes ! in snow half way up my calf... i got into work my black coat was white... i had a snow mound on top of my head.... and Panda eyes where the snow was lashing my face,...... ohhhh and a school kid chucked a snow ball at my back hahah ! :-) great fun ohhh and one more thing i twisted my ankle the snows that deep i couldnt see the kerb drop ! when i got in everyone laughed it was pretty funny ! yipppeee just looking forward to the walk home.... Take care on the roads everyone and take when walking it will soon turn to slosh and ice ! wish we could all stay at home and make cards today !
  13. clairevarley

    Newbie just wanting to say hello!

    WOW thanks everyone what a lovely response! I have just started making my bf a card for valentines, i will upload it sooon ! Thanks for your kind comments and making me feel really welcomed ! what a nice place to meet people
  14. Hi my names Claire im 19 just wanted to say hello to everyone !
  15. clairevarley

    Male Card

    Love the card..... does anyone else fins it hard to find some greattt male embellishments / toppersss. I sure doo... i search through my suppliers and they all seem well a bit childish not for older males .... ! i think my brothers got ferrari embellishments last time ! but i love the shirt style ! and the embossing effect !