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  1. Oh soooo cute! I used to train them for obedience and they are the smartest and quickest dogs around. Excellent for agility, obedience and tracking. And that one looks more cuddly than a plush toy so yes please! You're welcome to ship her this way.

  2. It helps immensly when you have someone like this. Sounds like your two peas in a pod then GG? So nice to hear you saying that you get on really well and have so much in common too. How often does she come to visit then?


    Enjoy your crafting today hunnie x


    She comes in once or twice a week for about 2 1/2 hours Nat which is sufficient to give me some time to get things done that I can't normally do with my two terrors bouncing around. She'll sit on the sofa and read a book to Lauren or play with her etc while I crack on and get on with it. Or, she'll go grocery shopping with me, and if Lauren starts getting irritable, she'll pop her down out the shopping cart and go and take a little walk with her while I carry on and get done.


    Last year we spent a day out at Manor Farm Country Park. Shaun was working and I had both the girls on summer holidays so that's where it's handy as she came along with me and it was far easier having one adult to one child for the outing. It meant I could enjoy myself too without having to worry about tearing after kiddies, etc.

  3. What a wonderful Homestart volunteer you have Mish! That brought such a smile to my face.



    Gaynor, I'd be stuck without her. With me not having my mum here to help me out when I'm struggling with the kiddies, Sue is an absolute angel. Not only that, but despite the huge age difference between us we have a lot in common and similar likes and dislikes. Both my kiddies absolutely adore her and tbh so do I! She's the one person that I know I can confide in 100% and she is also one of those who truly cares about the families that she helps out.

  4. It's best to have a look on e-bay hun. I bought some off there last week for C6 cards and got 100 for £1.59 including p&p which is very impressive! If you know the sizes of your cards, you'll definitely be able to find some on there far cheaper than any online retailer.

  5. My HomeStart volunteer popped by today to see how I'm feeling and check to see if there was anything she could help with and rather than bringing me a bunch of flowers as most people would, she brought the latest issue of LMC.


    I just about rolled on the floor with laughter when she told me the reason why as she said to me 'if I bought you flowers, you'd just walk around them and carry on being naughty, but with the LMC magazine, you'll no doubt be captivated in a jiffy and sit down on your bum and take things easy'.




    She knows me only too well and I'm looking forward to some quality crafting time tomorrow morning.

  6. I sympathize with you 100% Susie. After I had Kayla, Shaun and I had decided to wait almost 2 years before trying for a second baby and I was about 4 weeks overdue with my menstrual cycle. I suspected that I was pregnant, so did a home pregnancy test but it came out negative. I was then obviously concerned about my menstrual cycle being completely out after being fairly regular person so went to see the doctor.


    He refused to do another pregnancy test on me, but determined that I was 'infertile' and that's what had happened. My menstrual cycle (according to him) had stopped because I'd stopped ovulating. Needless to say, his bedside manner was absolutely shocking and he had me return home in absolute tears and with my hubby wanting to drive back up there and box him.


    Something in the back of my mind a few days later told me to try another home pregnancy test - which I did and this time it came out positive! It wasn't that I was infertile, it was just that my hormone levels were still too low to register on the pregnancy test.


    I too have no faith in the NHS anymore. The level of care these days is absolutely shocking! I could elaborate about Monday's care at Day Surgery but I'll spare you the long story. xx

  7. Thank you everyone, I'm still extremely sore today and Shaun has decided to take one more day's leave to help me out tomorrow. I have no idea what they have done to me in theatre but feel a bit like I've been doing a heavy load of squats as my thighs are really sore.

  8. Hi Everyone, well what an ordeal. I was supposed to have gone to theatre at 2pm but the pharmacy made a mess up with my medication and I only ended up down there at just after 5pm. I came around at about 6:20pm and got wheeled back down to the day surgery unit where the one nurse decided I needed to drink loads of water and got it down me so quickly that I got sick. They phoned Shaun to come and fetch me and he asked if I was ready to come home and they told him yes, but I wasn't even so much as dressed or had something to eat yet!!


    Anyway, I'm glad to be home this morning all be it that I'm quite tender and can't pick the kiddies up.


    Thanks to everyone for their well wishes, I'll hopefully soon be back to my crafting again! xx