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  1. My local children's centre have started a scrap-booking course in the evenings and I had been tempted to go along now for the last sort of year or so but hesitant too as I felt it's taking me a bit out of my comfort zone.


    Anyway, I finally plucked up the courage to sign up for this month's course and went along for my first session tonight. I've decided to put a scrapbook together about Kayla and although it's not finished, this is the first page so far....


    Thanks for looking!


    Michelle x

  2. Absolutely hun, do not give up by any means. I've been in similar situations with my cards, but you have to realize that people will soon realize that something handmade over something shop-bought and manufactured in bulk will mean a lot more to the recipient.


    I was just going to add that a fair thing to do is to look at similar makes in the shops, and take their prices into comparison. Then come home and take half of that cost, and add it to the cost of your materials used to make up your piece of jewellery. I find this normally works as a good guideline. For instance, I've looked at the average price for a decent card in the shops being around £3, and the materials to make one cost me between 50p and £1 depending on how elaborate I go so have priced my cards at between £2 and £2.50. Hope this helps you!


    And keep making gorgeous pieces, as we all love to gloat over them!

  3. You couldn't have shared any better news than that Nikki. Congratulations darling, you must be so excited and your little Daisy will be as well as the months move along and you start getting things ready for the new arrival. Keep us posted on how you're doing and look after yourself, your gorgeous little girl and your little bubs. xx

  4. Hmm, I had the same problem as Susie in that I couldn't decide which to enter as this kit has to be the best Easter one ever!! It screams cute and also frustration as there are so many ideas floating around my head but not enough toppers to make them all :lol:


    I finally settled on this one though, as think the layout of it has come out fab!


    Good luck everyone!


    Michelle x