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  1. sorry, but I just can't help it! I'm way carried away with scrapbooking now and seem to think that maybe this is the right sort of papercraft for me to be concentrating on. Not only do I now feel much more relaxed, but it's so enjoyable looking back at so many memorable moments.


    I've managed to get two more scrapbook pages done today and am more than happy with the layouts!


    Thanks for looking,


    Big hugs


    Michelle x

  2. I truly am addicted to scrapbooking now. With me having a box of around 170 cards still to sell, I've been concentrating on scrapbooking more than card-making for a while and I'm really enjoying it. My adult learning course costs me just £2 a week and includes all the backing papers that I use at the college, as well as getting a 20 sleeve scrapbook included as well.


    These are my two latest pages that I have put together. The one of Kayla in the incubator I put together at class on Monday night, and the 'Snug as a Bug' page I did this morning.


    Thank you for looking!


    Michelle x

  3. You're not the only one who feels that Royal Mail's service is up to maggots at the moment. I sent a parcel off to DebbieJK first class last Thursday and she STILL hasn't received it. Not to mention poor Beth who has sent me a prize from her lucky draw last Thursday and I haven't received that!!!


    What on earth is going on with this First World country? The services we expect to be proud of seem worse than 3rd world countries at the moment (no offense to anyone please!).

  4. We are both now quite weary! Debs, I'm having to resist peaking as the beads are still cooling in the kiln!!!! Mish, some papers will wing their way to you soon!!!!



    Thanks ever so much hun. When I finally get my cricut (a few months time), you'll be first on my list to receive some uber gorgeous die cuts. xx

  5. Sounds like you made the most of the weather then. Gosh, kayaking - can't remember when last I did that! About 9 years ago? We unfortunately didn't know what our weather was doing today as we had lovely black clouds which have threatened to rain all day, but only did at about 5pm so what a waste of a day!! That said, we've had a miserable tot today so the likelihood of us having gone anywhere would probably have been minimal.


    Glad you had a super day hun, I've had a frustrating one trying to find backing papers that will fit in with my scrapbook (baby papers are always the hardest to find).



  6. Oooh, the morning sickness part of it has to be the worst (although must say I suffered from the all day sickness up until 4 months). Hope it passes soon huns but if you're really struggling with it don't hesitate to see your doc so he can prescribe some anti-sickness tablets for you.


    In the meantime, relax and take things easy. You need to start reserving your energy now already hun and don't forget your pro-natal vitamins too. xxx

  7. Hi Everyone,


    Debs has unfortunately just let her FB friends know that her dad has been rushed into hospital again. She is supposed to be judging a challenge but due to this unforseen circumstance she asks that everyone will just bear with her until she is able to get back on the forum.


    Hoping that everything is ok huns, and thinking and praying for you.




    Michelle xxx

  8. Thank you ladies so much for your lovely comments. I am going to be going off to my course again next Monday and proud to say that I have something to show the others next week. Also, this morning they had an advert on the telly for the Cricut machine and I was just telling hubby how fantastic it would be to have one of those (not twisting his arm or anything but rather showing how well they cut) and he immediately pressed the Record button on the Sky box so I'm wondering if he's now considering getting me one???


    Natalie, you should go for it hun. Yours will be far more spectacular than mine as you have a better eye for colour and layout. It's such fun and wonderfully rewarding. xx

  9. Chris, I'm loving it immensely even though some of the photos that I've been looking through have made me cry. I had one which I just couldn't put into the scrapbook and it was of Kayla being wheeled off in a portable incubator to be transferred to another hospital and remembering how close I came to losing her is just too hard to comprehend sometimes.


    I've decided to sort out all the photographs and choose the ones that I'm fondest of to put in the scrapbook.

  10. Gosh with a list as impressive as that, it's no wonder you want to start the year over. March hasn't been a particularly good month for me either hun so let's both cheer 'MARCH, WILL YOU JUST MARCH OFF NOW PLEASE???'


    Sending you huge hugs and hoping that nothing else goes wrong (but better touch wood just in case).