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  1. Hi Michelle,


    I have only just seen this thread, I think what you are doing is so wonderful. I hope to post some things to you on monday...will this be in time for your sale?


    Wishing you the best of luck and sending love hugs and kisses to you and the family.


    Chelle xx


    Hi Chelle,


    That will be fine hun. As long as I have them by the latest next weekend I can sort out the layout of my table.


    Kind regards


    Michelle xx

  2. good luck with the fundraising what are you raising funds for?


    Hi Laura,


    If you read this post you'll be able to read the whole story:




    Only difference is that I'll now be having my big fundraiser the 1st weekend in September and then will continue to fundraise on my own as well. Anything to help will be greatly appreciated.


    Michelle x

  3. Hi everyone,


    No, I haven't disappeared off the planet, I'm still around. I've been extremely busy with making goodies for my fundraiser which is in just 3 weeks time now! So far I have already raised an amazing £72 for William but plan on at least doubling that!


    Just a gentle reminder to all of those that have promised things that I will be needing these by next week Friday at the latest to allow me to plan out my table.


    Sending you all huge hugs and hoping to be around a little bit more often!


    Michelle xx

  4. Tova, it's absolutely gorgeous! I would add a few more clear gems to it, to add a little more glitz but must comment and say the design is just breath-taking. I can think of a few people who would LOVE to wear something like this on their wedding day.

  5. So pleased that everybody is helping with this Hun xxx


    As I said over on the jewellery thread I will get a couple of makes off to you as soon as I can and I might even be able to send a few card making bits to help as well ;-)


    Love & hugs,




    Thanks Caroline hun, hope you're feeling much better too. Every little bit of help goes a long way when organizing a big fund-raising event and I'm ever so grateful to everyone who has helped out. xx

  6. Michelle,

    How awful for everyone, especially the little man.

    I would love to send him a little cuddly if you think it appropriate.

    If you have time to look on my website www.nimbleneedles.co.uk please choose something for him or suggest something else you think he would like.

    I'm sorry I don't know about the RAK list so if you could pm your address.

    I'm sure his family appreciate your help, when our son passed away last year, I was amazed at people's kindnesses




    Hi Hennie, that's ever so sweet of you and I'm sure he would just absolutely fall in love with Munkeeey!




    Michelle x

  7. Michelle, I've just came across this thread. What a shame for the family, and poor wee boy! I hope the next steps in his recovery are all positive! and how kind of you to organise something to help raise funds! Just shows what wonderful people are around in times of need! Is your addy in the RAK list? If not if you wouldn't mind pm'ing me with it, I could drop some cards and some bits in the post for you.


    lots of hugs to you and the family involved!




    Hi Michelle,


    Thanks for the very kind offer. My address is definitely on the RAK list but if you can't find it, please PM me and I'll drop it to you anyway.





  8. This is not the only scam that has been going around in the last few months, but also one from people posing to be HMRC paying tax refunds. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ignore this as unknowingly I got caught out with this and gave my bank account details for the money to be refunded to me and had to close my bank account down urgently once I'd realized it was a scam. This one is really clever, as it somehow linked directly to the hmrc website and had an 'online' form to fill in to put your account details into.

  9. Michelle- what a terrible thing to happen & I am so touched by what you are doing. I do not have time to make many cards or even to sell but somewhere along the way , I hope I can help. I will keep watching for your updates. I pray the little boy comes through all this ok.


    [[[hugs]]]] to you for being so thoughtful.




    Thanks Laverne, just off to PM you hun. x

  10. Ohh I have a strange mix of tastes, from Barbara Streisand to 80's music, to Dance floorfillers to Lady gaga, but I dore Luther Vandross, early George Michael and still love Duran Duran LOL ... Anything goes in my opinion :-)


    I second that one Karen, I'm also a lover of many different kinds of music. To try and pick a genre would just be a waste of good music if you ask me!