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  1. Gosh, shows just how much we have to be thankful for as just when we think we've got things bad, we read about someone else who is having a worse time of it and it seems you most certainly are! Here's hoping that over the course of the next few months things jiggle themselves out and give you a smoother ride hun and sending big hugs your way.



  2. Hello lovely huns,


    It has been absolute AGES since I have last posted on the CB forum but a lot has happened since then and I have decided to give up my card making, and push my jewellery making to the side unless for orders and concentrate on making some hair goodies.


    I certainly have missed all the friendly faces on here, and the good comeraderie and challenges too!


    Looking forward to having a look around again and catching up on all the latest gossip, errr ... news!!


    Michelle xxx

  3. Hi Jane,


    I thought I'd have a go at entering this one too! I've gone more into the hair accessories side of things, but have made up a ladybug hair accessory gift set comprising of a lady bug button ring, a corker bow with lady bug button centre, a ribbon woven headband with double stacked boutique bow and lady bug button, alligator clips with lady bug buttons, and a crochet headband with a double stacked boutique bow and topped with another lady bug button.


    Hope my entry qualifies!


    Michelle x



  4. Hi Everyone,


    I thought I'd quickly post this up on here as well (if it's ok with the mod's?). I am having an online auction on my Facebook page in order to raise some more funds for William. Now for those of you that don't know who he is, he is my neighbour's little boy and he suffered a tragic burn accident last year which resulted in him having to have all his fingers and his right leg amputated.


    As you can imagine, this has put slight financial strain on the family for medical costs and fuel costs in order for him to make his appointments.


    Some of my friends and I have put together this auction to try to raise as much funds for him as possible. There are things like gorgeous dolls, necklaces, christmas cards, hair accessories etc. up for grabs.


    If you go to my FB page (Michelle Schneider) and add yourself as a friend look for the photo album called 'ONLINE AUCTION' and place your bids. Bidding ends at 7pm tonight.


    Bless you all!


    Michelle xxxx

  5. Sorry I haven't been on at all in the last 2 weeks, but have been having quite a manic time. Kayla started junior school last Monday and hasn't been settling in at all well. She has been crying just about all day and really upset.


    The teacher's have picked up quite a few obvious concerns about her behavioural traits and are now suspecting that Kayla may well have Asperger's Syndrome (which is a form of autism). Obviously this has come as quite a knock for me as she's been at a special needs nursery school for 18 months and they've been putting her behavioural patterns down to developmental delay all the time.


    I have a meeting with the school tomorrow to see what we can do in the line of offering support and will ask her paediatrician to do an assessment in November when I see him.


    I hope none of you mind, but I have now put my own daughter's needs first and foremost so the profit I make from the Christmas Fair will go towards getting her the right equipment and resources that she might need to help her deal with this and make life a little easier on her.


    Sending massive hugs and sorry for the rant!


    Michelle xxx

  6. Natalie hunny,


    Your parcel has just arrived with my postie and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the scrummy goodies you've put in it! The loose sheets of backing papers are just gorgeous and the Christmas stamps such a wonderful addition to my stash.


    Thank you ever so much hun!




    Michelle xx

  7. That's excellent Michelle darlin, well done YOU!


    I am very sorry I never got round to sending things but, atually have a package together now for you so,will post today and ou'll have for December hun.




    That's ok hun, I know it was a very busy time of year that I planned this for and everyone had 'back to school' on their minds first and foremost :lol:

  8. wow I dont know what to say , I am in shock


    Thank you so much and thankyou for all the lovely comments everyone has left


    I will wear my Tiara with pride




    Congratulations Sam. One of the most generous members of this forum and well-deserving of the Crown. Enjoy your parcel of goodies when it arrives and can't wait to see more of your luscious makes soon! x

  9. Hi Everyone,


    I suppose you're all dying to know how the fundraiser for William went this last weekend. Well, it went fairly well and I managed to raise a surprising £273.86 for him which was more than I expected.


    To all of those that promised things for the fundraiser and never got the time to send, please note that I will be having another fundraiser early in December to try and push some more funds together for William.


    And to all of those that DID send things, thank you so much from William's family and from me. You made it so worthwhile!




    Michelle x