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  1. Thank you ever so much hun, the postie has just delivered the gorgeous glass paints to me and must the colours are stunning! I just need to buy some acetate this weekend and will be having a play with that asap! Hugs Michelle xx
  2. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Thank you so much to my dear friend Natalie (and Paul too)

    I most definitely will, and going to put it to the test in my scrapbook as well hun. I think the colours you've sent me will make the most gorgeous toppers to match in with the girly baby theme. x
  3. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Yay - all finished now!

    Thank you Maggie, the bug has bitten slightly so it seems you might see more of my scrapbook pages as opposed to cards for a little while :red:
  4. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Avas' 2nd Birthday Card Make

    LOL, so does Lauren because she was turning the propeller on Shaun's outboard on Saturday and counting along!
  5. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My CB Birthday goodies xx

    Glad to see someone as special as you got spoilt so much! You've got some gorgeous gifts and cards there Maggie. Hope you had a super day hun. x
  6. MichellesMagicalMakes

    First attempt at scrap-booking

    My local children's centre have started a scrap-booking course in the evenings and I had been tempted to go along now for the last sort of year or so but hesitant too as I felt it's taking me a bit out of my comfort zone. Anyway, I finally plucked up the courage to sign up for this month's course and went along for my first session tonight. I've decided to put a scrapbook together about Kayla and although it's not finished, this is the first page so far.... Thanks for looking! Michelle x
  7. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Sterling Silver 3D Flower I made....

    This is really gorgeous, just saw it on FB. I would put a bracelet band on it and turn it into a piece for the summertime. x
  8. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Yay - all finished now!

    Thank you hun! Can't wait to start the next one now.
  9. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Yay - all finished now!

    Thank you Heike, I'm proud of it. x
  10. MichellesMagicalMakes

    can you explain what a blog is and candy?none the wiser

    I agree Natalie, blogs are handy for getting ideas of layouts, materials used, etc but it's soo time consuming and when you have little ones and that crafting time is limited, the last thing I'd want to be doing is blogging!
  11. MichellesMagicalMakes

    First attempt at scrap-booking

    Thank you hun, yes I'm definitely enjoying it and didn't realize just how addictive it is!
  12. MichellesMagicalMakes

    First attempt at scrap-booking

    Thank you everyone - I've worked on it a little more this morning and this is the next stage photograph...
  13. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Avas' 2nd Birthday Card Make

    Aww, so cute! I can't believe little Ava is 2 already. Time flies Natalie, next month is Lauren's 2nd birthday and it seems like the last two years have just whizzed by!
  14. MichellesMagicalMakes

    A Simple card for a tennis fan!

    Yup, perfect for a tennis player. And brilliant choice of colours too!
  15. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Fairy Card

    That's a beautiful card Karen, I adore the stamped image, so cute and your colouring is brilliant!
  16. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Merry Christmas everybody ! HoHoHo..

    Now now ladies, Christmas is only 9 months away now, have to be prepared!! Susan, those two cards are gorgeous but I'm loving the first one as I think the mono tone colours work sooo well. xx
  17. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Mouse Easel

    That's beautiful! You've jazzed up those green papers so nicely with that stunning stamped image. x
  18. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Kisses Hedgehog

    Oh that is too gorgeous Sarah! So lovely to see you getting back into the card-making scene again as yours are truly scrummy. x
  19. MichellesMagicalMakes


    Absolutely hun, do not give up by any means. I've been in similar situations with my cards, but you have to realize that people will soon realize that something handmade over something shop-bought and manufactured in bulk will mean a lot more to the recipient. I was just going to add that a fair thing to do is to look at similar makes in the shops, and take their prices into comparison. Then come home and take half of that cost, and add it to the cost of your materials used to make up your piece of jewellery. I find this normally works as a good guideline. For instance, I've looked at the average price for a decent card in the shops being around £3, and the materials to make one cost me between 50p and £1 depending on how elaborate I go so have priced my cards at between £2 and £2.50. Hope this helps you! And keep making gorgeous pieces, as we all love to gloat over them!
  20. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Spring has sprung - from LMC kit

    It's gorgeous, think the purple swirly background has worked wonderfully on this card. x
  21. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Aiden's Birthday Card!

    Nothing better than spending your child's birthday solely with them. What a gorgeous card you made him too Susie!
  22. MichellesMagicalMakes

    I have something to share

    You couldn't have shared any better news than that Nikki. Congratulations darling, you must be so excited and your little Daisy will be as well as the months move along and you start getting things ready for the new arrival. Keep us posted on how you're doing and look after yourself, your gorgeous little girl and your little bubs. xx
  23. MichellesMagicalMakes

    happy Birthday Maggie50

    To a very special forum member, hope you have a very special birthday and are spoilt rotten hun! xx
  24. MichellesMagicalMakes

    3 cards from the latest LMC

    I have had such fun today restricting myself to using only what has come in the latest pack with the LMC magazine. I must add I'm quite impressed with my creations. Thank you for looking! Mish xx
  25. MichellesMagicalMakes

    3 cards from the latest LMC

    Thank you everyone for your comments - got me all blushing now. x