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    Thank you everyone, and thanks again Seaweed. I love getting surprises so am really looking forward to my goodies. x
  2. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My baby girl is two!

    Thank you Natalie hun, she had a fantastic day yesterday and got very spoilt as you can see. The cake was very wonky too, but it gave it character and made it look a bit like an 8th century cottage, lol!
  3. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Beep Beep :)

    Yay, so glad you got your little transport buddy back again Louise! Hope this time the truckers are more aware of others on the road hun. xx
  4. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My baby girl is two!

    Thank you Nikki. The cake was delicious!
  5. MichellesMagicalMakes


    Oh wow, so happy to have seen this first thing this morning. Thank you so much Seaweed. This past week has been a really hectic one, but I hope to have a nose around and catch up soon! xx
  6. MichellesMagicalMakes

    5 cards

    Those are gorgeous Barbara, it's always nice to see what people do with their leftover bits and bobs. Love the first card and the 4th one.
  7. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Someone Special

    It's ever so gorgeous and the special someone will absolutely love this!
  8. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Peel off make - last one

    Pips, that is just truly gorgeous! I love the way you've decoupaged the centre, think it gives is such nice dimension and a great effect. xx
  9. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My scrapbook page for Liz Hudson's CB challenge

    I have had fun putting this page together tonight and hope it fits the description of shimmery and glitzy!. I have used two sheets of K & Co Fairytale paper matted and layered and the corners rounded using a corner rounder punch. I have then put a strip of pink florist ribbon down the right hand side, and fixed lime ribbon with a gold-edging on top of it. A vellum sentiment (kindly sent to me by Gaynor) affixed to some blue card and 4 brads on the corners. I have then topped it off with some punched flowers (given to me by Beth) and finished off with a 3D sticker tag and a frame onto some creamy/gold pearlescent card in which to journal. Hope you like it! Michelle xx
  10. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My scrapbook page for Liz Hudson's CB challenge

    Thank you so much to all of you for your kind comments. This has to be my favourite page I've put together so far.
  11. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Engagement Acceptance & 30th Birthday

    Those are just stunning Fi! Love the heart easel card, and the one for your friend who is a baseball enthusiast is ace!!
  12. MichellesMagicalMakes

    cards for men

    What fab cards you've made Barbara. I always find it difficult making cards for men but you've definitely got the knack for it!
  13. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My scrapbook page for Liz Hudson's CB challenge

    Thank you Susan hun. It's definitely one of my favourite pics of Kayla.
  14. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My scrapbook page for Liz Hudson's CB challenge

    Hubby is saving for a shotgun Maggie
  15. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My scrapbook page for Liz Hudson's CB challenge

    Thank you so much everyone! At the end of the day, even if I don't feature in CB I've gained myself yet another gorgeous page for my scrapbook. Maggie, this was Kayla when she was about 10 months old.
  16. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Welcome to the world ROLO

    Woweeeee, it looks super fab! Love the colour and the paintwork decals on the side too. Hope she's as zippy as she looks and you can get around from A to B a lot easier. x
  17. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Guess What I Found in the Garden...A Little Girl

    OMG, I know the feeling that must have gone through that mother's body when she couldn't find her daughter. We had a network of alleys behind our old house in Bracknell and one day when I opened the back gate of our yard to take the lawnmower around to the front, she didn't follow me but instead got herself 'lost' in the alleys and I too panicked trying to find her. Thankfully one of my neighbours heard her little frantic cries and managed to find her and return her safely to me. Good job reuniting her with her mum hun, I'm sure both you and her mum were relieved that nothing had happened to her.
  18. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Appear in Crafts Beautiful!

    Have just sent my e-mail off to you Liz, but thought I'd post the picture of my page here too so everyone can see it. Had fun putting this one together.
  19. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Project 1 - WINGS!

    The talent shown here is just unbelievable! Your painting is always so exquisite and your choice of colours for this fairy image as well as the choice of design on the canvas compliment each other so well. This will make a gorgeous keepsake! Hugs Michelle xx
  20. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Birds and flowers

    Wow you've been busy! The wedding card is gorgeous! You'll just have to play matchmaker, lol!! Love the popcorn the bear one too, it's so cute!
  21. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Online at last! And a couple of makes...

    These are gorgeous Pat! I love the bracelet and earring set. Think the shape of the glass beads are gorgeous! As for the tiara, that would be perfect for the Royal Ascot or similar.
  22. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My scrapbook page for Liz Hudson's CB challenge

    Thank you hun! It's amazing what I can come up with in a short space of time when I pour my heart into it.
  23. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Hogging the papercrafts forum...

    sorry, but I just can't help it! I'm way carried away with scrapbooking now and seem to think that maybe this is the right sort of papercraft for me to be concentrating on. Not only do I now feel much more relaxed, but it's so enjoyable looking back at so many memorable moments. I've managed to get two more scrapbook pages done today and am more than happy with the layouts! Thanks for looking, Big hugs Michelle x
  24. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Scrapping like mad!

    I truly am addicted to scrapbooking now. With me having a box of around 170 cards still to sell, I've been concentrating on scrapbooking more than card-making for a while and I'm really enjoying it. My adult learning course costs me just £2 a week and includes all the backing papers that I use at the college, as well as getting a 20 sleeve scrapbook included as well. These are my two latest pages that I have put together. The one of Kayla in the incubator I put together at class on Monday night, and the 'Snug as a Bug' page I did this morning. Thank you for looking! Michelle x
  25. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Hogging the papercrafts forum...

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I can't wait to show my brother today what I've been busy with. Have shown my mum via the webcam and she thinks I'm doing a superb job and has now started redoing her wedding album! Looks like these crafty ideas run in the family