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  1. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Charm Bracelets

    These are beautiful hun! Love the first one with it's autumn leaves on, and the 2nd too. Beautiful delicate and feminine makes here. That last one definitely wins my approval, it's stunning!
  2. MichellesMagicalMakes

    what kinda music do you peeps like

    I second that one Karen, I'm also a lover of many different kinds of music. To try and pick a genre would just be a waste of good music if you ask me!
  3. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Finally did something with the Silver Flower

    It's gorgeous Debs. Love the idea of wearing the clasp at the side, it looks fantastic!
  4. Thank you so much hun, just off to PM you. xx
  5. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    Thank you Maggie darling, I'm really taken by all the help that everyone is offering. Thank you to you all, you're all darlings!!
  6. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    Whichever is the easiest for you hun, I'm not phased. I do get quite a bit of time to make things now the kiddies both go off to nursery twice a week. And of course there's always the opportunity to get them doing something crafty while I get on and make too. xx
  7. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    Thanks Natalie hun, I really appreciate it. When I went across this afternoon to tell the parents what I'm proposing to do in September, the dad broke down and cried and said to thank everybody who is helping to contribute to this fund-raising event. Natalie, I too know how scary something like this must be as when Lauren was just 2 weeks old she got whooping cough and there was only a 20% chance that she was going to pull through. All I can say as thankfully she proved to be a real little fighter.
  8. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    It would help a lot of people on here could make the cards themselves, but unfortunately I'm not able to sell them at the hospital. I'll be doing a card and jewellery sale myself hun.
  9. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    Thanks Rosie, have just replied. x
  10. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    Thank you Sam! xx
  11. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

    Thank you Rosie, you're so kind. Just off to PM you my address. x
  12. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Double Birthday Celebration for Crafterga and Mama bee

    Happy birthday to both of you! Hope friends and family alike spoil you rotten! xx
  13. Thanks hun, and there's no rush. The party will be sometime towards the middle of September so as long as I have it by the end of the first week it should be fine. xxx
  14. Aww thank you Chris, if only the world had more people like you! That would be an amazing help and of course I would donate all proceeds from the sale of your stuff to them. They're such a lovely couple and I know that life is going to be hard for the 3 of them. Will PM you my address now! xx
  15. MichellesMagicalMakes


    Wondering the same thing now! It's been 2 weeks since the cut off date for voting and we're all sitting on the edge of our seats wondering who the lucky person. Come on CB, could you please break the suspense???
  16. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Long Necklace Challenge - Ends Friday 28th May-Now Closed

    It's gorgeous Sophie! Well worth the frustration of having to fix it up. Good luck with this challenge everybody!
  17. MichellesMagicalMakes


    Congratulations Shirley, hope you have a super holiday which is filled with excitement and anticipation over your lovely crafty stash which will be waiting for your return! Travel safely and look forward to seeing pics of your stash soon! Michelle x
  18. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Sorry I haven't been around...

    but the whole family has had really severe food poisoning from chicken. Yesterday we could hardly move without feeling like we were going to throw up and had severe difficulty keeping even water down. I'm still feeling rather bloated today, and my stomach is really sensitive but I have another necklace which you can see under the Jewellery thread. Hope to catch up with you all soon! Hugs Michelle xx
  19. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Sorry I haven't been around...

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. We're all doing much better than we were on Tuesday although little Lauren's stomach is still extremely sensitive and so is mine. I'm still battling to get proper meals down and have been living on fluids more than anything for the last few days. A plus to it all though, is the fact that I've lost 8 1/2 lbs in weight!
  20. MichellesMagicalMakes

    A big improvement in my jewellery

    Firstly, another big thank you to Dee and Sophie for all the gorgeous beads that I received over the weekend. So kind of you both to restock my beady supplies. Secondly, I thought I'd show you all how much my jewellery has improved over the last few months. I think I've mastered a few more techniques and have more of an eye for design now so here are my latest few makes. Thanks for looking! Michelle xx
  21. MichellesMagicalMakes

    What do you think of this display - be honest, I can take it!!!!!

    I'd say this is a fabulous idea hun, but Shaun and I have both agreed that the top and middle rows need more on there as it gives people sooo much more variety to choose from (and why be shy about your jewellery, you and I both know your stuff is fab). Hugs Michelle x
  22. MichellesMagicalMakes

    A big improvement in my jewellery

    Thanks Helen, I loved the colours of the last one, definitely my favourite too.
  23. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Long Necklace Challenge - Ends Friday 28th May-Now Closed

    I'll enter my 'heart of hope' necklace then. Pendant lovingly sent by Sophie Logue and combined with gorgeous seed beads given to me by Dee. Thanks for the challenge and look forward to seeing all the entries! Michelle x
  24. MichellesMagicalMakes

    My baby girl is two!

    For those of you who are not on Facebook, I thought I would upload a few photographs of my DD Lauren's 2nd birthday yesterday. A very proud mummy made her wonky cottage cake which as you can see from the photos she loved!! Hugs Michelle x
  25. MichellesMagicalMakes


    My vote's in too.