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  1. MichellesMagicalMakes

    valentine cards

    This is my latest Valentine's card as well as a wedding card and some Easter cards which I made last night. S7300830.pdf S7300832.pdf S7300833.pdf
  2. MichellesMagicalMakes

    valentine cards

    Yes, they are gorgeous. After looking at those, I'm sort of thinking I'm too amature for this. My cards don't look anywhere near as good as those.
  3. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Rubber stamps - can anyone help?

    Does anybody know where I could get a set of stamps (not fancied up) with basic greetings on like: Happy Birthday Congratulations Thank you With Sympathy etc.? I make cards for a charity but find I constantly run out of these little card toppers and they're quite pricy to buy each time. If I had a set of stamps, I could make my own.
  4. MichellesMagicalMakes

    Rubber stamps - can anyone help?

    Thanks to everyone for all the replies :coolsmile: auntyannie's recommendation of madaboutcards.com was exactly what I was looking for.