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  1. loopyloo40


    You're welcome xx
  2. loopyloo40

    Aug ATC Thank yous

    You're welcome x
  3. Thank you so much for the lovely ATCs! I'll be posting all the swaps out tomorrow xxx (Maggie's is on the left and Shirley's on the right, both equally gorgeous!!)
  4. Here's all the ATCs (where there were 2 the same, or virtually the same, I've only taken a photo of one of them) As you can see they're all lovely, it was very hard to choose which 2 to keep for myself! Thanks again for all the lovely RAKs and for the sympathy cards which some of you enclosed too, I'm very grateful xxx
  5. Sorry Sue! And thanks Maggie for helping out Just letting you all know I'll be sorting the swap tonight and sending them out tomorrow - I just need to get mine made Thanks everyone for the ATCs and for the lovely RAKs, I'll get pics taken later as I sort them xxx
  6. Hiya, just to update everyone - for those who don't know, I lost my mum on Saturday, we were supposed to be going on holiday this weekend but we've had to postpone it until after the funeral, so we're now going away 19/8-26/8 so I'll send the swaps out on my return. So don't worry everyone, there's plenty of time to get your swaps to me, as long as I have them by the 26th it won't be too late xxx
  7. loopyloo40

    A Huge thank you...

    to everyone who's sent cards, and especially to Absamon for the lovely beaded angel charm you sent me, I'm overwhelmed by everyone's thoughtfulness and kind words Thank you again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. loopyloo40

    Very sad news re my mum...

    Thank you everyone, your kind words mean a lot. I'm still bewildered, shocked, numb...you name it, but my husband and kids are being absolutely fantastic, I really would be lost without them xxxx
  9. loopyloo40

    Very sad news re my mum...

    Hiya, just a quick note to let you all know my mum died in the early hours of this morning. I'm host for the ATC swap this month, I want to still do it as some of the ATCs have already arrived, but the date I get them sent out may have to change, as depending on when mum's funeral is, we may have to cancel/amend our holiday dates, so we may still be away on the day I originally set it to end. But I promise it will get sorted. Thank you to those who have already sent lovely words of comfort on Facebook, they mean so much to me. I'll be back soon xxx
  10. loopyloo40

    Im back =)

    Ifan - how bizzarre - I was only thinking this very morning that I hadn't seen you around for a while!! I'm really sorry to hear you've not been very well, but glad to hear you've made a full recovery - welcome back!! xxx
  11. I've added you thanks laura The winning theme is black & white - please could everyone get their ATCs to me by August 20th so I can sort them out and get them sent out when I get back off my hols on the 21st - thanks! xx