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  1. donnac

    sorry not been on

    thanks everyone
  2. donnac

    sorry not been on

    sorry not been on lately i was studying for my theory test which was today but happy to report that ive passed donna
  3. donnac

    RAK Mailing List

    i would like to join in too ive pmd u
  4. donnac

    betty boop

    try here hope this link works ok lol http://members.tripod.com/boop_betty/back/bb-back.htm
  5. donnac

    Card: Baby boy

    thanks everyone thanks maggie if it wasnt for u no doubt i would av put it in the wrong place lol
  6. donnac

    Card: Baby boy

    i made this card for my cousin who has just had a wee boy sorry for the crap pictureusin the camera on my net book
  7. donnac


    thanks everyone for saying hello lol am in edinburgh an also looking forward to chatting to everyone i found the site in my lets make cards mag and thought i would give it a try lol so here i am donna
  8. donnac


    hello my name is donna been doing card making for about a year now started after my mum lol and now my 8 year old is doing it she is crazy about it too lol anyways just thought i would pop in and say hello donna