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    If you like painting

    If you like painting or are just beginning to learn to paint, I can highly recommend a book called: Collins Complete Painting Course by Ian Simpson. It is £17.46 from Amazon, ISBN number: 0-00-412802-8 and it is described as It is well worth the money and comes as a hardback. Enjoy xxx
  2. kerryannebates


    Sending a BIGThank you to Maritrez for my wonderful Birthday card and flowers and tears Gem set. It was totally unexpected and really made my day....you are a STAR. Love to you all Kerryanne xxxxxx
  3. A really BIG thank you to you both Scrapcat and Scrapdogs. I loved the sequins, papers and the Card is absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate it.......Fantastic XXXXXXXXX :cheese:
  4. kerryannebates

    Thank you Maritrez :D xx

    WOW Thank you soooooooo very much Maritez for my wonder Birthday gifts and card. I haven't been on here for a while because I'm really snowed under with decorating my new bungalow, so when I received these through the post it was a wonderful surprise and it made my day. Maritrez you are a Star :-) xxxxxx
  5. kerryannebates

    A little more of Kerryanne's cards !

    Hi there ! Here are a few more of my cards. Chat soon xx
  6. kerryannebates

    A little more of Kerryanne's cards !

    Thanks lots... :) xxx
  7. kerryannebates

    Maggie will you slow down!!!!

    AAAAWwwwww Maggie...you know we ALL love ya.....good luck for the 20k !! :cheese: xxx
  8. kerryannebates

    New House.

    I'm a very happy bunny today because we get the keys to our new bungalow today....woooo, as you can tell I'm quite excited, although we won't be fully moving in for a while because we are going to get all the decorating done first and get the craft room set up !!! (my first one). I shall change my details on the RAK list when we are fully moved in. Just thought I would share my good news with you all. Take care all xxx
  9. kerryannebates

    New House.

    Thank you all very very much for your good wishes. We have just got back in from getting some paint and paper, all warm colours. We had a great deal of difficulty driving the car in the snow....got a little bit caught out on that one. :red: Anyway can't wait to get in and start the hard work...YAY. Thanks again, it means alot to me. xxx
  10. kerryannebates

    Purple Set

    AAAawww the're gorgeous...Purple is my favourite colour, well done xxx
  11. kerryannebates

    Latest makes

    Fabulous Cards, well done xxx
  12. kerryannebates

    A little more of Kerryanne's cards !

    Thank you all, as usual you are all so supportive and I really do appreciate it Ladies. xxx :-)
  13. kerryannebates

    Floral cards

    These cards are beautiful, Very well done xx
  14. kerryannebates

    A little more of Kerryanne's cards !

    Thanks loads Maggie :-) xxx
  15. kerryannebates

    Robo cards

    This Robo is very impressive isn't it, it looks like a lot of fun to use and very effective. I like your cards very much, well done you xxx
  16. kerryannebates

    Yes please...I'll do it.

    Yes please count me in on any other up and coming tests, I would love to be involved. Kerryanne xxx
  17. kerryannebates

    I have been smirked

    These are really nice....I like the cheeky grins :-) Well done xxx
  18. kerryannebates

    Newsletter problem !

    Hi all, I have enlisted to have the newsletter sent to me but I haven't received it yet. I've checked my settings and it confirms that I do receive it. Could you help me please ? Take care Kerryanne xx
  19. kerryannebates

    Newsletter problem !

    YAY...WOOOPPPP got mine too, thank you all very much xxx
  20. kerryannebates

    Mermaid Card

    I think that anyone who receives this card as a RAK will be very pleased...its lovely, well done xx
  21. kerryannebates

    hello every one

    I have been out and about with my Husband collecting items for when we move house in a few weeks....tired out now but getting lots of nice new stuff !!! ;-) Kerryanne xx
  22. kerryannebates

    Newsletter problem !

    Thank you Emma, hope to see it soon :-) xx
  23. kerryannebates


    Hi there Kate, Welcome to this site, I really think you will love it, everyone is soooooo friendly here and encouraging. Take care xx
  24. kerryannebates

    Game - Change one letter

  25. kerryannebates

    Count to 1,000,000