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  1. Su2ie


    Ah Eliza, so sorry to hear your aunt has passed but at least now she's at peace xx
  2. Su2ie


    Morning all Is it me or is the site slow again? Eliza thanks for asking about Alex yesterday. After a soak in the bath we finally got the plasters off her knees and they're now air healing. She demanded more plasters as she doesn't like looking at the scabs! Good luck with your aunt today. Work earlier for me today so it will be a busy morning before I go. I've got a meeting to attend. Have a good day all x
  3. Su2ie


    Sorry Eliza I never had chance to get on here yesterday! Alex's knees are still quite bad & we ended up soaking her plasters off in the bath as they'd stuck fast to the scabs, you know how it is when scabs weep! She's now letting the air get to them. Will start a Monday thread x
  4. Su2ie

    sunny Saturday

    Morning I was up just after 6am and thought I'd have a quiet few hours as the girls went to bed late. Not a chance! Ellie was up 10 mins later followed by a very miserable Alex (sore knees) 10 mins after that! It kinda scuppered my plans of a bit of editing... Anyhow I've cut out the tissue part of my dress pattern & looked on youtube to see how to add a lining to a dress as the pattern doesn't tell you despite it giving cutting layouts etc for a lining I've also ordered more of the muslin as its really good value at £1.79 for 2 metres! I'm thinking about the fabric I have that's too thin for a skirt because if I line it then it will be okay. Eliza enjoy your last full day of your holiday & nothing wrong with more than one craft at a time Right going to see if I can do a bit of editing whilst the girls are occupied. Have a good day all x
  5. Su2ie


    Morning It was a little cooler at work yesterday thankfully although I was nearer to the huge fan and my paperwork kept blowing around so I had to weight it down!!! I sat with a different team yesterday as all the desks were taken in our area and the young guy I sat next to was brilliant to talk to about writing, film making, movies and books. It's amazing when you find someone you thought you had nothing in common with has similar interests We had a good chuckle when I told him about the good old days of analogue mobile phones and dial-up internet, all of which he'd done studies on at college LOL. Anyhow the girls break up from school today and poor Alex had a nasty tumble as we walked to the school and skinned both of her knees and grazed her hand. I had to carry her the rest of the way and they gave her first aid. Poor little lamb. Eliza you sure know how to pack loads into your holidays, just hearing about it is wearing me out! Hopefully no news is good news with your aunt. Tracey hope you have a fab day too! Right I'd best get on. I'm not sure if we're going for a walk today but either way I've got lots to do before work. Have a good one folks x
  6. Su2ie


    Afternoon Been a busy morning for me. No walking today but a catch up with DS1, who told me he was moving into his new place at the weekend but actually moved in yesterday! He's in a lovely furnished 1 bed flat that's been converted from an old terrace house. I'm so jealous of his huge kitchen too! It will be ideal for him as he's a chef After I visited DS1 & I went off for a coffee and a bit of a shopping trip before he met up with his GF. Been quite a pleasant morning. Eliza I hope it's peaceful for your aunt too. Hope you finally got some sleep & you're enjoying some more holiday time K&F isn't it odd how we dream smells? Bit disappointing though not to wake up to bacon sandwiches Suzy good plan going away for 10 days. I think you'll have to give Tim some firm reminders you're now retired! Right best get on! Won't be long before work and as the weather is still on the hot side today (no sign of storms) I guess it will be stifling again... Have a good day all x
  7. Su2ie


    Oh Eliza, as you say she's cried wolf so many times so what were you to think? Try not to worry and enjoy the rest of your hols x K&F glad to hear you've got your lace kit sorted Goose they changed our local weather earlier and we haven't had any storms so I'm jealous of you! Work was horrendously hot again. It's like stepping into an oven and I was further away from the fan today. The lounge is cooler at home but the heat has built up in our bedroom despite not getting full sun. Just trying to do a bit of editing here. I've managed a few pages over the past few days despite the interruptions Have a good sleep folks and stay cool!
  8. Su2ie


    Morning Eliza sounds like a fab holiday minus the ants! Have a great time at the Eden project. Sad to hear the latest with your aunt. You're right to stick to your guns though. Still very hot here (expect most of the country is the same). I'm too zapped to do anything. The place never cooled overnight, it was still 28c in the lounge at 4am with all the windows open! Not looking forward to the heat at work later either. I'm not really a hot weather gal, can you tell? Hope everyone manages to get some relief from the heat, roll on the thunderstorms I say! Have a great day all x
  9. Su2ie

    totally tropical Tuesday

    Evening all We did just under 2 miles on our walk in 45 mins. There was shade when we were walking under the trees but half was in full sun. Work was hotter. They gave us extra breaks today and I was feeling bloated from too much water! I don't have the energy to craft.... Liz just read your PM thanks, I'd missed it! We saw ducks and geese on our walk today and black "ducks" with white stripes on their heads Sounds like you had fun with Niamh. Sarah glad to see you've got your internet back! We're due thunderstorms tomorrow - can't wait! Goose I totally understand with the hot hands! Sophie is so funny! Alex has been wandering around in her knickers too! Hope everyone has a cool evening!
  10. Su2ie

    totally tropical Tuesday

    Eliza very apt title today! Well done on going up the mount. My knees hurt more coming down too! We're off out for our walk in a mo. Hope to catch up later x
  11. Su2ie

    Manic Monday

    Eliza you stay a hippy - don't change! Hope the sea breeze cools you off today Back from the school run and its already hot in the lounge. Hoping to take a more local walk with DH this morning around the pools close to where we live. First though I need to go change the sheets on the girls' beds. Oh and Ellie took her crochet chain in to school today to show her teacher. She's so proud of it and I'm proud of her too! Speak later x
  12. Su2ie

    Manic Monday

    Morning all I forgot to come back on here yesterday evening I did in fact attempt to teach my girls how to firstly knit (they couldn't grasp it) and then crochet (partial success!). Alex's finger were too stiff holding the hook and wool so only managed a few chains but Ellie was actually quite good at it She just needs to improve her tension. Goose good to see you back! K&F sounds like a horrid day. Is your OH being a bit clumsy with mud on the windows and his foot through the oven? Eliza you had a very busy day! Another teacher once told me they also give away plants, flowers and chocs as they get so many of them. I always try to do something handmade. Christmas its normally a crocheted bauble for the tree. My mind has gone blank on what everyone else said yesterday. I suppose I need to get on here as both girls need their hair sorting out before school. Speak later - have a good day folks x
  13. Su2ie

    Sleepy Sunday

    Afternoon again! Tracey you're day sounds like lots of fun, if a little tiring! Enjoy your knitting time I did attempt some ironing but it's just too hot. Tbh I'm bored. I'd like to do some more editing but it's difficult to concentrate. Even when the girls are entertaining themselves they constantly interrupt. Ah well! X
  14. Su2ie

    Sleepy Sunday

    CN it certainly is expensive entertaining them. I've got a few cheap crafty items for indoor use to keep my two busy plus there's always the cheap option of a walk or trip to the park Here's a pic of the bookmarks packaged up The girls have made their own thank you cards too. Speak later x
  15. Su2ie

    Sleepy Sunday

    Morning I was up at 5am, did a bit of editing then went back to bed at 6.30 and woke up around 9am! When I say a bit I mean literally a couple of paragraphs The teacher bookmarks went well last night. I've made 6 already as there are the TA's in each class too. I'm going to mount them on card and put them in cellophane craft bags. Thought it might be a good idea to say exactly what they are too! Eliza sorry to hear you've got a poor signal in your new digs but hopefully its more comfortable there and allows knitty time! Lisa love your dream catcher, brilliant idea to make it on your sewing machine. Well I'm just enjoying a cuppa. Hoping for a relaxing day but Sunday is ironing day ready for Monday morning. Roll on next week and the summer hols! Just have to pop out for more bread later as we ate a whole loaf between us yesterday with just enough for a few slices of toast this morning (cereal for me). Have a good crafty day folks x