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  1. mgt-b

    thank you MGT-B

    hello my two beauties i wish you and everyone on the forum a great and happy christmas thank you for viewing the card for the forum i have a few days off will come back and have a look to see what your up to love and hugs mgt xxxx
  2. mgt-b


    a stunning card its breath taking mgt xxx
  3. mgt-b

    Kiddie Card

    aaawwww its beautiful mgt xxx
  4. mgt-b

    Wish Upon A Star

    wow stunning mgt xxx
  5. mgt-b

    Rose cards

    wow wow wow beautiful cards mgt xxxx
  6. mgt-b


    beautiful card mgt xxx
  7. mgt-b

    Vintage Card

    stunning as always mgt xxx
  8. mgt-b

    Bit of embroidery

    wow you are a very clever girl i love them all mgt xx
  9. mgt-b

    Weekend makes

    breathtakeing absolutely stunning as always excellent cards mgt xxxx
  10. mgt-b

    Slow site?

    it was slow to stop yesterday mgt xxxx
  11. mgt-b

    i make ring cushions

    thankyou so much maggiek your very kind mgt xxxx
  12. mgt-b

    saturday night makes

    hello becciB my old friend dawn and boxclever the beaded boarder is from my local indian shop. Every Sunday i have a nose round to see what i can use on my cards .i paid 1 pound 50 a meater and bought 3 colours plus lots of other beaded designs . im sad to say she will close the dorors for the last time at the end of the month the shirts as you rightly pointed out are folded from a video i found on youtube some time ago. ii made a few at the time and used some of them last night on that card thankyou for asking. lloveand hugs mg xx
  13. mgt-b

    Two more

    i love um the colours are perfect for the card lovey cards mgt xxxx
  14. mgt-b

    Two more

    i love um the colours are perfect for the card lovey cards mgt xxxx
  15. mgt-b

    inside of the fishermans card

    thankyou my lovely enoy your day mgt xxxxx