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    The Name Game

    Used to play this with my kids when we went to my mums. It is a 300 mile journey and really helped to pass the time. They still play it now even though the youngest is 15. Basically you start with a name and the next person has to pick a name that starts with the last letter of the name befoe. For instance if you started with Shelly the last letter is Y so could have Yvonne next person gets the E so could be Ewan etc etc OK lets start with Rebecca
  2. ShelleyC

    Hello from a stranger!!!!!!!!

    Hi Maggie, like you I've not been around for a while for various problems and am hoping the same, a little bit of inspiration, it's working so far so let's hope the magic works for you again too xx
  3. Hi all, I just wanted to apologise for not being around. I used to love being on the CB forum, catching up with all the chat and seeing everyone's makes, but have not been on for 12 months now. The last 12 months have been very hard I lost my MIL to cancer at the beginning of last Jan after a very precious but sad xmas and new year, we were very close as my family live 300 miles away so for the last 25 years she had been like a mum to me. We also lost 2 very close friends in tragic circumstances, both only 60 and I have had 4 operations on my right ankle and foot, still in plaster from the latest one and have also been told i now have nodal osteoarthritis in my hands and osteoarthritis every where apart from my spine and elbows. Consequently, I have put quite a lot of weight on and being only (only .....lmfao) 45 was feeling quite sorry for myself and have been in a bit of a depression. Even the arrival of 2 new grandchildren, (1 boy 11 weeks old & 1 girl 10 weeks old) and another little girl on the way, altho happy news, somehow upset me as well cos i was feeling quite useless as being in plaster again meant I've not been able to help much. Then.......birthday cards arrived from CBers.......what a great group and a couple of xmas cards followed (my birthday is middle of december) so I thought I'd best get on & say thanks, started looking around and decided I best get my craft stuff sorted and start being part of society again !! :-) So thanks to all concerned for the welcome reminder and kick up the bum and I would love to start taking part in swaps and things again and host again and everything if you'll all have me back. A Happy New Year to everyone, all the best for 2011.
  4. ShelleyC

    The Name Game

  5. I just wanted to say thankyou for my birthday cards and presents, I will post pics when I get myself organised again. I've not been around for 12 months and then these cards arrived and reminded what I was missing so thank you very, very much ladies x
  6. Hi ladies, the poll for the November Tag swap is here, please vote and sign up below. Voting closes on the 15th November. The themes are open to your interpretation as to colour or item/theme ( ie could be roses or red items) Tags to me by 30th November. Please enclose a large letter stamped addressed enevelope please, open to overseas swappers, crafty bits accepted for overseas postage. Thankyou List ShelleyC Maritrez
  7. ShelleyC

    Apologies to you ladies

    I have to apologise for my absence and think I have missed a some swaps and birthdays but am trying hard to get back on track. I have bad osteoarthritis in my ankle due to a previous injury which I had fused, didn't work I have to have it done again only this time with bone grafts from my pelvis, just waiting for the op date. Also been diagnosed with a different kind of osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists, knees, hips and shoulders and now have mad splints for my hands and have to go for hydrotherapy and such stuff. My sister has been diagnosed with muscular atrophy and I was also in a car accident with one of my sons and had bad whiplash, other than that we were ok, thankfully. So you see I've been having a ball. LOL The icing on the cake has been my MIL having terminal cancer, this is in her throat but is now spreading to her airway and lung, only a matter of time really. She has just come home from hospital today after fighting (and beating) pneumonia to spend, what will be, her last xmas at home(god willing). Anyways, we are all trying to be a lot more positive and getting back to some sense of normality after all this fun. Have received a couple of tag swaps and will update all tomoz. also a secret santa gift, will get mine out asap and try to catch up with the rest. Once again, soz Ladies but am now hopefully back on track and keeping my eye on the ball. Shelley
  8. Don't know how to delete all these extras, browser playing up and over submitted you MT, don't worry I'll only add you once :-S
  9. The first one, your right up there x
  10. ShelleyC

    November swap helper is needed please.

    All set up and ready for your sticky :-)
  11. ShelleyC

    October Postcard Swap

    Received mine from Maritrez today and sent mine x
  12. ShelleyC

    November swap helper is needed please.

    I'll do it for you, take it its the same as the stamped images one, collect them all, swap and post out
  13. Hi all, been away cos have been ill. Back now for the swap. Not done a swap before so here goes. The rules are the same as always! Please send me 5 stamped images,they have to be hand stamped and please write your name and forum ID on the back of each image… Please do not stamp your images on shiny card! Post to me with a SAE using large letter stamp’s by 23rd September. (Hope that's long enough) Please PM me if you need my address Thankyou for joining in List ShelleyC LoopyLoo40 - Received with RAK - thank you Sequin - Received with RAK - thank you Clara Cluck - Received with RAK - thank you Pinkpuppy - Received with RAK - thank you Witchqueen - Received with RAK - thank you efc1878 ifan24 - Received with RAK - thank you Golfer - Received with RAK - thank you - and sept card swap heartsfan82 - Received with Rak - thank you Shelleyhope - Received with RAK - thank you maritrez - Received with Rak - thank you HellyBelly - Received with RAK - thank you Rachelsian19 - Received with RAK - thank you 2belle - Received with RAK and get well card - Thank you lorarose - Received with RAK - thank you - Swap received Littleme - Received with RAK - thank you
  14. Hi, yeah I was wondering the same x any updates hun x
  15. ShelleyC

    September Image Swap - by 23rd September

    Yours was sent out over a week ago, think everybody else has received so maybe the post x
  16. ShelleyC

    Traditional xmas cards

    Absolutely gorgeous, where did you get your decoupage from? would love to make a couple of those myself x
  17. This time last year I had my right ankle fused because of chronic osteoarthritis in the joints. Had problems all year with it and had to have a ct scan. Results came back and the fusion hasn't worked. Now I'm on the urgent list to have it redone only this time they can't do it arthroscopically they have to do open surgery. Also they need to take a bone graft from my pelvis to help with the fusion. Got at least 3 months in plaster to the top of my leg again. Not got a date yet but will be in the next 6-8 weeks unless they have a cancellation earlier. That means I will be in plaster all over christmas and new year for the second year running. Soz girls, rant over, feel a bit better now thanks
  18. ShelleyC

    Christening Cards

    went to a christening last week and one of my sons was godfather. He wanted a special card so I made most of the box card then took a picture of him at the church with his goddaughter, went home, printed it off and added it to the card. Pink one was from me and the rest of the family Thanks for looking
  19. Thank you for all the lovely RAKS I received for hosting the spetember image swap. Pictures from Ifan, Loopyloo40, 2belle, Clara Cluck, Heartsfan82, HellyBelly, Littleme, Lorarose, Maritrez, and Pinkpuppy
  20. Thankyou for the card and the RAk I received today for the Oct card swap Thanks
  21. Sorry this is late posting altho I did say on the swap I'd received it but not posted pic or proper thanks. Lovely christmas card and RAK for card and image swap Thank you
  22. ShelleyC

    Feeling a bit fed up....need another op

    Thank you for all your kind words, feeling better about it now, it's a pain but it's got to be done so the sooner the better i guess. It's just I'm a big kid at heart and love xmas, always end up with a house like a grotto and last year couldn't do as much so was really looking forward to making up for it this year. Just have to get the kids working harder lol
  23. ShelleyC

    40th, 70th, 90th & 100th cards

    Lovely cards, very striking without being too fussy
  24. ShelleyC

    Thank you september image swappers

    And there's more Rachelsian19, Sequin, Shelleyhope, Witchqueen and Golfer, Think that's everybody. Thank you so much Ladies and Ifan I am going to have many happy crafting hours with all these
  25. I'd like to sign up for this too please Thanks