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  1. magpiesdelights

    Happy Birthday PinkPuppy/Louise ;-)

    Very late in the day to be starting a Birthday thread, but I know Louise stays up late Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Louise, Happy Birthday To You Hope you have had a wonderful day and have been spoilt by everyone as you deserve to be Sending Loads Of Love And Big Always (((((HUGS))))) From Both Of US xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. magpiesdelights


    Great swap themes and hope I might get time to enter xxx Until then I have just pinned this thread for you so hopefully more people will see it Hope you all enjoy yourselves xxx
  3. magpiesdelights

    Barbara 19

    Oh no poor Barbara She is such a lovely lady and I'm sure her Husband was as well xxx I wondered how come She has not been on for a while x I'm not sure if I have the correct address for her so if any of you have it could you please send me a message on here or FB with it as I would like to make her a card next week xxx Thanks for letting us know MT x
  4. magpiesdelights


    lol You are ace MT and this is a great challenge Can't wait to see what people make and to see if I get my backside in gear to make an entry Good luck everybody xxx
  5. magpiesdelights

    Hello! Long time no see..

    Lovely to have you back with us Michelle xxx Sounds like you have achieved loads of wonderful things, so a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on everything xxx The good thing about crafting is we can pick it up and put in down whenever it suits us, but once a crafter always a crafter at heart I reckon Look forward to seeing some of your beautiful creations soon x
  6. magpiesdelights

    Happy Birthday Pinkpuppy/Louise ;-)

    Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthdday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Pinkpuppy/Louise, Happy Birthday To You Hope you are having a wonderful day and being spoilt....maybe with some crafty yummies as gifts as well xxx I am sure all the lovely members will join me in wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday Loads of love and (((((HUGS)))))
  7. magpiesdelights

    Long term Project

    I love making Granny squares, but agree that sewing them up can be tedious when you change colours evey round and if you are sewing loads of small ones togtether. It is said to be better if you change your colours often to sew in your ends as you go so you don't end up with them all to do at the end...I have done this with squares I have made for a bag and it's sitting in my UFO (unfinished objects) pile lol I have made a big Granny square though where you just keep going and going round and round until it is the size you want. I did mine all in one colour with varigated wool for my Cousins new Baby. You can still change colour if you want to though. You can even make a rectangle Granny square and there are videos on Youtube for some. I am planning on trying to make placemats like it sometime
  8. magpiesdelights

    Fav time of the Week

    Hi Sandy and welcome to the forum xxx What you and your Husband do sounds wonderful and very kind indeed x I can agree that older people can be just as quick as young ones lol My Nanny turned 90 this year and sadly her mobility has gone downhill a lot over the last few months, but she is still super quick thinking & clever and also still loves knitting for all her Great Grandchildren that keep coming along courtesy of my Cousins I think it's great that one of them got you into crafting and I agree that you should try everything hehehe I started off doing my wedding flowers and favours 9 years ago, then quickly after that started to make cards, then got into jewellery about 7 years ago and then crochet a 2 1/2 years ago....trouble is I still do all of them and my craft room is bursting at the seams with goodies and my brain is bursting with ideas I have been wanting to try a corner to corner crochet blanket for ages, but haven't yet. I have watched some Youtube videos and decided it will make much more sense once the wool and hook are in my hand hahaha I have also printed the pattern out to refer to......it's with loads of other patterns I would like to try....I seriously think I need to live at least 5 lives to even scratch the surface of the crafts I do and all the new ones I would like to try I would highly recommend The Works shops and Websites for really good priced Crochet and other craft books x Will look forward to seeing you around the forum and seeing some of your makes x Enjoy your day xxx
  9. magpiesdelights

    Everything butterfly November 14th

    Yay nice one Louise xxx Will have fun thinking of something to make to enter xxx Is it one entry per person Hun? I only said at your wedding to the other CB lovlies that I was thinking about setting a challenge as there hasn't been one in soooooooo long lol So greatminds think a like Will have to get mine on here soon xxx Mamarose22 to join in the challenge you simply make something from any craft...unless specified otherwise like in some possible future challenges... Then you take a photograph of your make and upload it onto this challenge thread. Then when the challenge ends on the set date the person who set the challenge....in this case the lovely Pinkpuppy.... has the very difficult decision of deciding who the winner is You will love joining in as everybody's makes are very inspirational and of course you have the chance of getting a prize Have fun everybody and look forward to seeing what you make
  10. magpiesdelights

    What have you been making lately?

    Hi Jenny hope you are well x I have been mainly making cards and jewellery lately, but I do have some crochet UFO'S on the go that I pick up as and when as well....I'm sure you all know what I mean lol I am still adding more wool to my collection and only thought yesterday that I had better be using some of it soon lol I mainly make smaller items like scarves, hats, bags, etc etc So need to get making some for gifts at some point. What it is about crocheting more when you start to think of Autumn and Winter or is that just me thinking about snuggly things
  11. magpiesdelights

    Will you be taking part in Thinking of You Week?

    Hi Rosie it's nice to see you on here and hope you are well x I think most of us are doing OK, but wondering where the Sun has ran away to lol I have never heard of it either x It sounds like a wonderful idea and pleased you have told us about it I would love to take part in it and can think of some people to send cards to already We have friends in France who we have not been in touch with for a while so it sounds like the perfect excuse to get us on it x They don't have any Children or much family so they would be very happy to recieve a card from us x Hopefully we can get members to post some pictures of cards for you to use in your article?
  12. magpiesdelights


    Just pinned this for you xxx Thanks for hosting and hope you have loads of people join in Not sure if I can join in yet xxx
  13. magpiesdelights

    April Swaps Cards, Bookmark & All crafts. To be with me by 30th

    You're welcome Is there any chance you could post this picture in the appreciation section saying who gave you what items xxx No worries if not x
  14. magpiesdelights

    April Swaps Cards, Bookmark & All crafts. To be with me by 30th

    I have finally got to posting swaps today as managed to con someone into taking me to post office lol So they are all on their way and I have put an extra special treat to say sorry for taking so long and to grovel
  15. magpiesdelights

    April Swaps Cards, Bookmark & All crafts. To be with me by 30th

    Just to let you all know that I still have your swaps all kept safe and sound in my craft room x I am so sorry I have not posted out to you yet. I had worked out when I should have my hospital treatment so it was not around the time of my swaps, but it got moved by a week and it's sadly made all the difference to me not being able to post to you all yet. I am too woozy, sickly etc to walk to post office and they are shut by the time Hubbie comes home. So I will post out to you as soon as I am able to and will let you all know on here when I have xxx Sorry again, but hope you all understand x (((((HUGS))))) xxx P.S. I also have some makes of cards etc that I made a couple of weeks or so ago so I need to do posts for them sometime so people can see them. Will maybe have to just do one here and there when eyes can stand the screen lol xxx