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    card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making, cooking, I love dogs too
  1. angiebabe-22

    just popping in to say hi

    thanks Gaynor, I think I got in a bit of a rut, I was overwhelmed with orders from work and stressing about it, but I'm all up to speed now,
  2. angiebabe-22

    just popping in to say hi

    Sorry not been around for a while, not been feeling too clever, I think I burned out as I kind of got overloaded with stuff, anyway I've caught up and have been chilling a bit so feel much better now, hope your all well. x
  3. angiebabe-22

    advice please mending a ring.

    hi not sure what it's made of will try and post a piccy tomorow not feeling to bright tonight, there's nothing to wire it up to if you know what I mean, daft idea but these are things I've thought of, no more nails, ultra thick enamel or diamond glaze?
  4. angiebabe-22

    advice please mending a ring.

    A lady at work has asked if I can mend a ring, it's only costume jewellery but nice, basically the whole top fancy part has come away from the ring part it looks to me as though it needs soldering but I don't have equiptment any other ideas welcome. thanks
  5. angiebabe-22


    Thats a bit silly of them to make a book of mag projects isn't it, I noticed that on the advert. Considering we all have the mags, I think thye're out to make a fast buck.!
  6. angiebabe-22

    My first (paid) commission :)

    that's gorgoeous helen, I hate pricing things, I made a set the other week, I charged her £12 cos it didn't cost a lot to make, she said eeeeee that's cheap, I thought darn I cudda charged more, same with my bag charms I only charge £4 or 5 and another girl said 'is that all'!
  7. angiebabe-22

    Multi coloured bracelet from beads from Angiebabe!

    wow well done that's gorgeous, ha ha I wasn't sure what do do with them, glad your enjoying them.
  8. angiebabe-22

    bit disapointed with the bead shop

    yes I agree Helen, what gets me though is the shop is quite big but seems to be full of feathers etc, but when I went to the stitch and craft show the other week, some of the bead stalls were smallish but had a great selection in such a small space, think I will visit the Totally Beads online shop cos I liked the stuff they had on the stall and the prices were great.
  9. Just got back from manchester, paid a visit to the bead shop but didn't get much, it's quite expensive and nothing really jumped out at me, I got a couple of bags of beads mixes but they weren't really exciting and a few odds and sods, think I will stick to buying on line!
  10. angiebabe-22

    Big Bead Show ,Sandown Esher Surrey

    there doesn't seem to be many in the northwest, only harrogate
  11. angiebabe-22

    I'm in love with this project from MJ....

    I've read the instructions. that's a start, lol, I did'nt realise that there are different sizes of beading needles, I've only got one, it's curved and splits so you can thread it. I do wish MJ would simplify the instructions and maybe illustrate them better like step by step,
  12. it's beautiful as it is gaynor, I used silver beads when I made one, well done
  13. wow beautiful helen, can I just ask do they have to be rolled down or can they made with loops?
  14. angiebabe-22

    Jump ring charm bracelet...

    I found some for £1.99 but they were much lighter in weight but they looked nice when made up, will go and see if I can find link, if not Bev might have it.www.beadservice.co.uk think that s it.
  15. angiebabe-22

    new stuff

    Phew she loved it, what a relief! thanks for the lovely comments