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  1. Hi I was wondering what dies you use the most as I am just about to get a big shot and want to buy the most useful dies first. Thanks Catherine
  2. snooptigger

    Paper Problems

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've run out of the paper I used for stamping on to and can't remember where I got it from. The paper I used for printing on to is rubbish, it doesn't take ink properly so embossing powder won't stick to it. That means when I start to colour all the ink starts to smudge. Can you let me know where you get yours to make my life easier. Also sorry I've not been around much, new job doing 50 hours plus a week and trying to craft during the rest of the time I have means I don't get on here much. Catherine xx
  3. snooptigger

    Massive Paper-craft Give away / Closes 20th Oct

    Hi Sarah, Any chance I could go on the list as I have no idea where any of my paper crafting stuff is as it's currently packed away in a box since moving house. Will soon have the internet back and will be able to answer properly. Catherine xx
  4. snooptigger

    Sidar Denim Chunky

    Just to let you know. This does not felt, I made a cardie out of it and it has never felted in the washing machine.
  5. snooptigger

    New challenge guess how long it will take me!

    11th August Catherine xx
  6. snooptigger

    Birthday Thread

    Birthday List JANUARY buffyflump 19th Jennybloggs 30th FEBRUARY Knittingporky 9th MARCH Goose 3rd Littlemisselvis 5th Buzyknitting 26th APRIL DarkAngelKnits 4th RC7 7th Knittingqueenuk 26th MAY Busy Lizzy 24th JUNE Knit&Flee; 2nd Angel8676 8th (there's a clue in there!) sharon_dcfc 9th JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER dreamyknitter 9th Giddyknits 11th Love2knit4meboys 29th OCTOBER 10th Oracle Jenny snooptigger 21st NOVEMBER Su2ie 10th Hatfull 19th DECEMBER
  7. snooptigger

    Free Wool if you'd like some

    Please add my name. The knitting group I'm with love making little things for charity/. Catherine xx
  8. snooptigger

    How many UFOs?

    I have one UFO. It's my long jacket. It's only been stopped due to starting my christmas makes (I'm being organised) I'm half way through a crochet table runner. It's probably more of a WIP as every couple of weeks I'll do a bit of it while I'm between my christmas projects and debating what yarn I'm using next. I'm on my 3rd christmas project and will have at least two more to do. Catherine xx
  9. snooptigger

    June Tag Swap - 1st June sign up

    All tags have been sent out. I've added a little something for all of you. Nothing much as I didn't have much time to make extra things this month. Hope you like all the tags. If I have time I will add a photo. Catherine xx
  10. snooptigger

    Teal Toasty Shrug

    Love the shrug and the colour. Catherine xx
  11. snooptigger

    Milo Monkey

    Aww he's sweet Catherine xx
  12. They are all really cute, love the flamingo the most. Catherine xx
  13. snooptigger

    Crochet baby blanket

    It looks lovely Catherine xx
  14. snooptigger


    Very pretty, colour is fab! Catherinexx
  15. snooptigger

    Cable Jacket

    Love that jacket. I love the one button look at the moment - don't know why! Catherine xx