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  1. Crafty_Passions1995

    Evening :)

    Jules, Have a nice time in your PJs in front of the fire
  2. Crafty_Passions1995

    Evening :)

    Evening all, Have a nice evening hugs C x
  3. Crafty_Passions1995

    Hurray, I've made something!!!

    Stunning x
  4. Crafty_Passions1995

    The Good Morning Thread

    Afternoon Ickle Pickle, There is an award for you on my blog
  5. Crafty_Passions1995

    Brand New! Cook Vegetarian magazine!

    Well, I am now offically vegetarian, and I am already driving mum mad with what I will and won't eat ROLF
  6. Crafty_Passions1995

    Blog Updates?

    Blogged an award I gave it to 5 CBers so please come look
  7. Crafty_Passions1995

    Christmas card with Fiskar's

    Wowzer Maggie, that is so cool You are very talented Hugs Chelsea x
  8. Crafty_Passions1995

    Hi - new here

  9. Crafty_Passions1995

    L@@K what I doodled today

  10. Crafty_Passions1995

    peyote rings

    Beautiful xx
  11. Crafty_Passions1995

    I am back

    Welcome Back Sarah!!!!
  12. Crafty_Passions1995


  13. Crafty_Passions1995

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi all Still got bad sore throat and I have decided to become a vegetarian due to the fact I watched an awful programme last night Oh well. Anyways, off to surf the other threads now Hugs Chelsea x (oh and Happy Halloween!)
  14. Crafty_Passions1995


    Thanks yall
  15. Crafty_Passions1995


    Is it really 3.06? Please say it is not, and that the CB clock is wrong, coz here it says 2.06, and my brother had to be picked up from football practice at 2.15! Please say I am right!!!