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  1. ikkle87

    New techniques/types of jewellery?

    It's not too expensive hun, I only recently started with resin. The resin I use is around £14 for 500g worth which will do quite a lot. Moulds are around the £5 mark and have 6-12 shapes on them. You can buy pigments to colour them which are around £3.95 each but you can use glitter and eyeshadows etc instead even sprinkles that you would put on buns. I just use plastic cups from wilkos and lollipop sticks to mix it up. x
  2. I don't have a website, yet, but I tend to sell through word of mouth and facebook. I know a few people have their own pages on there but I tend to just add photo's to albums and then make sure I bump the album regularly by adding another picture, this normally gets a few friends commenting and then I get into a discussion about changes they could make to get a similar piece themselves. I tend to price quite low as I do it more as a hobby than anything else but i still get a little profit out of it. My nan gets free earrings to wear when she goes out so that if/when she gets a compliment about her earrings she can say 'my grandaughter made them' which usually sparks off conversations on what else do I make, do i make to sell etc. they then know they can get items from me through her.
  3. Ok guys so recently I came on and I asked for help with getting started with resin and I got some great ideas and tips. I have done small batches so far as really wanted to practice before using loads of resin up as it isn't the cheapest of things. The first batch: These few are my faves, especially the star and the purple glittery round one which reminds me of my favourite lush product. I then decided to have another go today and I wanted a little less glitter and no buttons this time. I also made this bag charm for my friend who recently had a little baby who is nicknamed Cookie. I hope you like :-) xxx
  4. ikkle87

    Resin Lovehearts - impossible to photograph!!!!

    They are a great idea. I have a light switch which is a polo mint encased in resin.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I actually looked at that site so glad I was looking in the right place Some of the things are out of stock at the minute but will keep checking back thank you ps my names Dani, TIA stands for thanks in advance xxx
  6. Thanks hun, I've actually been making jewellery for a little while now but am specifically looking to try something new now and really like the idea of resin. x
  7. Hi guys, I haven't posted for a little while apologies. Recently I have been thinking a lot about the kind of jewellery I make. I currently tend to focus on charm bracelets and pendants for necklaces, I'm really interested in branching out though and would like to try something new and I was thinking of trying to work with resin (mainly because I am not confident enough to use a blow torch to make lampies) I was just wondering if anybody here had recommendations for the best places for molds and other tools etc as I know a few people here make resin jewellery. I have also been trying to find a UK supplier of glass tiles for making pendants with, so far I can only find US suppliers, and I'm a bit worried about customs charges so wondered if anyone here knew of any? TIA x
  8. ikkle87

    Stretchy charm bracelets

    Thanks so much hun. I always over look things on Beads Unlimited cos there is so much on there.
  9. ikkle87

    Buttons and Boxes

    Thanks hun I knew I had read about boxes recently but I couldn't find the thread. I found this place called Glitzy Jewels and their prices seem really reasonable, and the postage is quite reasonable too but as I haven't used them before I am not sure on their quality. This is the link http://www.glitzy-jewels.co.uk/acatalog/Gift_Packaging.html
  10. They are brilliant hun. I love em all
  11. ikkle87

    Buttons and Boxes

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. I got some GS Hypo Cement the other day and have had a little play with some buttons which I had lying around and I have kinda fallen in love. I was just wondering if you think button jewellery is in fashion as I don't want to make a few pieces and nobody want it if that makes sense. I was thinking of making rings, studs and maybe some pendants. Also do you know any good places to buy buttons from I have seen a few really cute buttons on ebay but I wondered if there was anywhere better/cheaper to get them from. Finally where is the best place to get boxes from? I've got a couple of bracelets I want to give as gifts but they don't look right in an organza bag so was hoping to find some nice boxes for them. I thought maybe a wholesalers would be the cheapest place but the only wholesaler I found online with boxes has a minimum order of £100 and thats too much for me right now. Thanks for any help.
  12. They are beautiful hun, I am quite new to jewellery making too but have to say the choice of beads you have used on the bracelet is stunning!
  13. ikkle87

    Stretchy charm bracelets

    They are lovely hun. Where did you get the stars from if its ok to ask. I have hearts but those stars look absolutely lush. Do you buy the bracelets ready made or make them yourself and if you make them yourself is there a simple tutorial because I think they are lovely.
  14. Well here are a couple more pictures of makes of mine.
  15. Aw yay :-) Thanks so much, I am so glad you liked them, I love my new hobby :-)