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  1. Lady_Penelope

    Plush puppy

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have the instructions for the plush puppy? Being a bit slow.... I printed the pattern to make the dog for my daughter. I purchased my fabric 18 months ago, printed the template so long ago I can't remember, but it has sat in my project box... I ordered the stuffing last week, sat down last night to read the instructions argh no magazine!!!! I must have somehow thrown it out ☹ï¸. Can anyone help? I am a novice stitcher, so can't quite just risk trying to piece it together, I don't have a lot of fabric so can't do a dummy run, and as you can tell I am now panicking as I was making this for Christmas!!!!
  2. Lady_Penelope

    CB free envelope maker Aug. 2014

    Hello, I saw something similar on one of the UK craft shopping channels in the last couple of weeks. I think it might have been similar to the tattered lace scoreboard, have you tried YouTube? I am new to making envelopes and I use the crafter's companion enveloper pro that I purchased about 15 years ago! My only tip is make sure for a A6 card, your paper is 21cm square. Hope that helps!
  3. Lady_Penelope

    Pleat guide - help please!

    Hello, I have decided to make the Savannah maxi dress from July 2010, issue 13. I'm fairly new to dress making, although have made a few over the last 10 years, but none with pleats...So this is where I am stuck at. The pattern has pleat placement guides, but I don't know what they mean! There is an arrow pointing down, I assume this is the length of the stitching to hold the pleat? and then there is a horizontal line, with arrows pointing to the fold line. Can anyone guide me? Thank you Penelope p.s. I have ommitted the skirt lining as I have a dense fabric instear of a cheer one. I'm sure this is ok?