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  1. heartsfan82

    Memory Beads

    Thanks, MT. It's nice to be back- I've been really rubbish at getting on since we moved house last year! BUT I'm planning to be back around for good this time around! Lots of makes to upload sometime soon- watch this space! Fi x
  2. heartsfan82

    Birthday Cards

    Gorgeous cards, Natalie. The cupcakes look very tasty :-) Fi x
  3. heartsfan82

    Cancer Research storage bargain

    Maritrez- great find- they are gorgeous!!! Fi x
  4. heartsfan82

    Memory Beads

    WOW- I think this is a lvoely idea! I really like it and there are so many possibilities for messages Fi x
  5. heartsfan82

    shoe card

    Fantastic card, Chris. I really like the flower on the front and the shoe shape is very nice! Fi x
  6. heartsfan82

    Commission 21st card

    What a beautiful card! Love the shape! Fi x
  7. heartsfan82

    Big shot dies

    What an elegant card, Maggie! Fi x
  8. heartsfan82

    Christmas ribbon rosette

    This is absolutely stunning and there are so many things you could use it as/for! Thanks for sharing! Fi x
  9. heartsfan82

    Thank you Maritrez

    Thank you so much for the lovely card and packed RAK that you sent for my birthday this week! Very much appreciated and cant way to put it all to use! Fi x
  10. heartsfan82

    Marianne Designs dies

    I've got quite a few of these and never had any problem, although Martin's mum had some issues with her butterfly one- it wasnt cutting all the wee detaily bits on the wings properly through. She took it back to the shop and exchanged it, but the lady in the shop also suggested moving it to a different bit on the plate- a less well used/worn bit. I sometimes find if you've got the a die at a bit on the plate thats been cut into over and over that you dont get as clean a cut. That might be the issue? The more recent dies seem to be very good, even when the plates are a bit old- the new swirly flower that you quill round it a flower that stands proud of the page is fab! Good luck- hope you get it sorted! x
  11. heartsfan82

    I'm back...

    Thanks, ladies! It's definitely good to be back! x
  12. heartsfan82

    I'm back...

    Hey ladies Sorry for my prolonged absence of late. Martin and I finall moved home a few months ago and it has taken a little while for us to get settled in and back up to speed- all that snow we had this winter caused huge issues with getting the phoneline and itnernet set up, as they were so backlogged with appointments due to ones they had to cancel and then catch up on. I've missed the board, but have occassionally popped on for a quick glance. NOW, however, I'm properly back. The internet is set up and I now have my very own craft room, rather than having to work in the corner of the living room in the old flat! Looking fwd to catching up with all that I've missed and properly getting back into my crafting. Fi x
  13. heartsfan82

    Thank you Secret Santa

    Thank you to my secret santa, who gave me some fabulous ribbons, forever friend's stickers and a homemade hot chocolate set! Absolutely love all of it, so HUGE THANKS! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Fi x
  14. heartsfan82

    The last of the Christmas Cards

    and lastly...
  15. heartsfan82

    The last of the Christmas Cards

    some more...