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  1. anna-b

    two makes

    made this morning not made anything in a while hope you like them
  2. anna-b

    I need to moan sorry

    its ok to have a moan, we all have our troubles and its good to share, have you ever thought about a healing session ? it does realax your body and mind, helps clear the path of thought, sometimes we get stuck in our frustration and its hard to see what way to turn next, dont be to hard on yourself, im sure the right job for you will turn up sooner rather than later xx
  3. anna-b

    More puppy pics!

    aww they all look happy and healthy.. i showed my daughter.. what a mistake ! she wants one lol thank you for sharing them with us xx
  4. anna-b

    Wintry Fairy

    its beautiful xx
  5. anna-b

    our little jedi

    your right he is big ! but soo cute
  6. anna-b

    How lucky am I?

    aww how thoughtful of him.. out of sight but always on the mind xx
  7. anna-b

    Fairy On Flowers

    lovely as always natalie xx
  8. anna-b

    two makes today

    thanx guys.. i will leave it as it is.. only i will put them in place better lol
  9. anna-b

    Looks too hand made what do you think?

    i think hand made cards mean more to the person who gets them, then a shop brought one, as you have put thought and love into making it, i like it x
  10. anna-b

    two makes today

    i have made these this morning.. the mothers day card i have not stuck the flowers down as yet.. do you think they look ok where they are ?.. the birthday card is for my bro.. hope you like them x
  11. anna-b

    photo frame

    great work ..
  12. anna-b

    Mini Birdhouse

    it is lovely..
  13. anna-b

    opinions please!

    i say play as much as you can manage, and rest as much as you can in between playing, we have one life to live and i say live it to the max xx
  14. anna-b

    Valentines Card

    its nice and simple, but says alot.. he should love it pip x