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  1. DebWills

    weddings - all crafts - closiing date 21st june 8pm!

    I have just made all the invitations, orders of service, placecards, menu scrolls, table seating plan and favours for a dear friend who married last week. I also made the cake - shich I was pleased with as it is the first stacked cake I have made and only the third wedding cake. To add to the worry my husband who was usher and I had to transport the cake 100 miles in the car. Every bend a bump came with a chorus of "mind the cake"! The bride and groom met when he was refereeing a football match and the bride worked for the Football Association, hence the table names which all were team names of matches, friends etc! On the Friday night the bride and I laid the tables out and locked everything off so that nothing went astray, I did the wine labels for their bottles too!! Now I am completely lost as that has occupied much of my time for a few months!!
  2. DebWills

    Wedding Challenge (closing date 30th June)

    If ever you feel a little down a look through all the entries on here makes you feel a whole lot better - such talented people - we should all get together form a co-operative and we'd soon put Moonpig and Hallmark out of business and people would appreciate the talent, love and care that goes into all these wonderful creations. Thank you Crafts Beautiful for this fantastic site and of course the Crafty Challenges! :roll:
  3. DebWills

    Wedding Challenge (closing date 30th June)

    Wow what a lots of fantastic entries. I have not blogged or taken part for a few months now as I have not been well and back and forth to hospital. However I am now on the mend and I am just putting these in although it's my feeble attempt!! I am currently making the invitations, favour boxes and menu cards for a dear friends wedding and these are them!!! Nicki Wedding Invites etc.bmp
  4. DebWills

    LMC28 Gallery

    Wow Ladies - all pickies or cards are stunning - I have not blogged for a little while as I have not been well I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms as my magazine did not arrive until Tuesday last week I was beginning to wonder what was wrong - apart from the post strike!!! What a fabulous quality kit - it was worth waiting for - thank you to all the team that put it together
  5. DebWills

    Couple of Painted Images

    They are gorgeous you talented person!
  6. DebWills

    Christmas Graphic Downloads

    Will do Maritrez - meanwhile take a look at this site some really good free papers here: http://www.blogcatalog.com/blog/free-scrapbooking-supplies Holly Background Paper Funky Large.pdf Holly Bcking Paper.pdf Free_modern_Christmas_tree_motifs.pdf free_funky_christmas_motifs_contemporary.pdf free_christmas_patchwork_raspberry.pdf
  7. DebWills

    More Graphics for You

    Silver Snowflakes
  8. Loopyloo40 I'll try this one although it's not a patch on all those other lovely ones - please excuse me I get so carried away!!! Been a little bit of a naughty girl lately!!!!! Thanks! Hope your daughter has a lovely 18th Birthday - you dont look old enough to have a daughter that age (I know flattery will get me no where)
  9. That's a lovely card Diane - Good Luck everyone - these challenges are good fun!
  10. DebWills

    Christmas Graphic Downloads

    I have collected a tremendous library of donloaded free images and some that I have scanned in. I want to share them as I have spent hours looking for suitable themes for cards linked to the receivers interest. Here are some Christmas graphics mostly backing paper to start with. They are all jpg files. Enjoy and I hope some find them useful.
  11. DebWills

    Graphic Download Swaps

    I have three 700MB CD's full of graphics and here are the rest of the Beatrix Potter ones attached in jpg format.
  12. DebWills

    Graphic Download Swaps

    I have collected many graphics over the last year and would like to share them with anyone who will find them usefull. They have been sourced from freebies on the internet and some that I have scanned in. I hope that this is OK Moderators and that they can be download from here. The first I have attached are Beatrix Potter. They are jpg format. If anyone wants them in word or Power point please PM me. Lets see what we get!
  13. I have already entered one card and understand if this will disqualify me but I't a hard choice to know what to enter!!!!
  14. DebWills

    Cupcake Status

    Oooh I've just noticed that my "status" has changed from "Newbie" and 1 cupcake to Jr Member and two cupcakes - can you tell me how my status has been elevated? !!!!
  15. DebWills

    Let's Make Cards issue 26 Gallery

    Wow folks - so many different ideas from the kit - it was a fab kit and the cards that I have seen on here are fantastic. As I have said before what a talented bunch of people. I like Ickle Pickle - I hate throwing a lot away and get great enjoyment out of thinking that you can make something from what might be thrown away. Large coffee tins are excellent too as well as those plastic tubs that you get your washing liquid tabs in. I will post some of my makes when I have taken some picks. Meanwhile I attach my "feeble" efforts with those fantastic Beatrix Potter bits and Bobs.