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  1. metaltedgrrl

    Having a crisis...

    Just letting you all know, I'm still alive and okay, just really going through some tough stuff at the moment, and so am withdrawing (hopefully) gracefully from public life for a wee while so I can get my head sorted... Please don;t any of you think there's anything personal going on, because if there is it's purely with me, and I hope to be back and functioning normally again soon! Dee x
  2. metaltedgrrl

    Thankyou Dee (Metalledgrrl)

    Aw, blimey, feeling baaaaad! It;s not the first time this has happened, but it wasn;t me! I hope you find out who did send you something special soon, and just to say, even though I didn;t send you the goodies doesn;t mean I haven;t been thinking of you! Hugs Dee x
  3. metaltedgrrl

    Hello...remember me?!

    Hi all Just thought I'd drop by and see how you're all doing... I've been having some major league enforced rest, having finally found out the problem in my right shoulder. I have torn and frayed the tendon, and am waiting to see the surgeon in eight weeks to discuss operating. I've been sitting home and feeling sorry for myself for two months already, I can't drive anymore and have to wear a sling out of the house. Apart from that though life's not treating me bad at the moment, have still managed to do some jewellery and bead making and look forward to catching up...So what's new with you all? Hugs Dee x
  4. metaltedgrrl

    Aw, Thanks Stu-Poo!

    AW...WOW! I haven't been on here for so very long, but I just had to drop in and let you know how thrilled I was to receive such a stunning handmade gothic beaded spider. He is now called Rubert, and is living on my wedding photo in the front room! Also, you should have kept the money I sent for return postage, just finding it difficult to get to the PO myself, and hubby is useless at instructions! lol Thanks so much for your supreme patience with me! Dee x
  5. metaltedgrrl

    Thank you Dee i love the lampbeads

    Glad you like them, they've all been kiln-annealed so are nice and strong and ready to use...hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them...xx
  6. metaltedgrrl

    Some recent makes

    All totally yummy... Dee x
  7. metaltedgrrl

    Jewellery Challenge - Closed

    And so say all of us... Dee x
  8. metaltedgrrl

    Jewellery Challenge - Closed

    Aw, thanks Natalie...was just about to do the same, but I shan't hassle her any more!!! :-) Dee x
  9. metaltedgrrl

    Jewellery Challenge - Closed

    I think perhaps it's just too difficult a decision to make! Dee x
  10. metaltedgrrl

    Jewellery Challenge - Closed

    Blimey, still no winner?! I has no finger nails left... Dee x
  11. metaltedgrrl

    Hello everyone, long time no see...

    Thanks guys...I never realised how much I rambled on until I popped back in! Soorrrreeeee...xxx
  12. metaltedgrrl

    Charm Necklace for a commission

    Ooooooh...it makes me shiver, absolutely stunning. Dee x
  13. Hahahahahahaaaaaaa! I needed a good laugh...not sure anyone would buy them, but still! All it needs is a couple of little fimo flies! Dee x