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  1. Luckydawn

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi everyone! Just thought I would pop in and take a look at the 'all new' forum, feeling slightly disoriented but I am sure I will soon find my way round again x
  2. Luckydawn

    good news from optician

    Wonderful news Crafty nannie, happy crafting x
  3. Luckydawn

    two more cards with embossed toppers

    Kate, these are lovely cards, the embossed toppers are fabulous x
  4. Luckydawn

    Just popping in to say hello :)

    Thanks for all your kind works ladies Louise - Thanks again for the stamp x Natalie - Lovely to see you are still doing a great job moderating x Kate - Yes it's Amy's last year, think she finishes in May, she has had a bit of a stressful few months having to move accommodation half way through the term but she is load happier in her new place x Bc - Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog x Mama Bee - Thanks for the welcome back x Barbara - Thanks for your kind words, lovely to see you are still here I really will try to pop on a little more often, hope you and your family are well? x
  5. Luckydawn

    What do you love making from paper?

    I love making things to decorate my craft room and home, so I have chosen decorations x
  6. Hi to all crafty friends old and new, just thought I would make a quick call to say hello and wish you all a great 2013. Last year was a bad year for me health wise, but I am improving all the time, just one more check up on my liver function to go but each check up has been better than the last so I am sure everything is ok. I became seriously ill following my hysterectomy and was admitted back to hospital where they found infection and a problem with my liver, I spent 10 days on intravenous antibiotics and was under so many specialists I lost track Thankfully and with lots of care from all the wonderful doctors and nurses at the hospital I was well enough to continue my recovery at home. I still continue to craft and have increased my hours at the craft shop, still doing demos on a Saturday (Which I LOVE). I don't have the same amount of time to pop onto the forum now but will try to make an effort to drop in more often. I like to concentrate on my Blog now Luckydawn's Blog so please feel free to call in and say hello, the more followers the better All animals are doing well, Maisie the cocker spaniel is loving the snow though I am not sure the three cats Molly, Gypsy and Thomas feel quite the same way about it :-) Amy is in her last year at uni and is feeling the pressure but seems to be doing really well, she has applied to do her teaching degree next year so hopefully that will work out for her. Kevin (OH) has been very quiet workwise since Christmas but things seem to be picking up slowly now and there's lots in the pipeline. Well that's enough waffle from me. Happy Crafting one and all. Love Dawn x
  7. Luckydawn

    Todays efforts

    Fabulous cards Erin, I love the simple one with the strips of paper and well done on the DT position x
  8. Luckydawn

    latest card make.

    Lovely card Kate x
  9. Luckydawn

    Thank you very much Luckydawn xx

    You are so welcome Louise! I love the stamp! It was such a lovely surprise to receive it at Christmas, glad you like the card I made with it Dawn x
  10. Luckydawn

    Happy Birthday Pinkpuppy

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday Louise x
  11. Luckydawn

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good evening everyone Pips - sorry to hear you are not too well, hope you are soon feeling better x Claire - Think I mush have missed your news about baby number 4, how exciting, congratulations x Lynney - Well done on winning the Toys R us voucher and great news about your card being in LMCs. Enjoy your film this evening x Natalie - I just love Home Alone, you can never see that enough times x Well I have had a busy day today, got some washing washed and dried out on the line, it's the first fine day we have had in ever such a long time, it was lovely to see the sun for a change. I have been to one of my local craft shops and had a little spend, I bought some dies (spellbinder, swatches) and a stamp set (Off the wall collection by Lyndsay Mason) I also bought myself a new dressing gown, white with a hood and pretty frills round the bottom and the sleeves ready for my stay in hospital, it was £12 in the sale which I am delighted about. OH has been out cycling this evening and has just returned so it's a late night eating for us today, then it will be time to watch the Tour de France highlights Hope to pop back in tomorrow. Love to all xxx
  12. Luckydawn

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good evening everyone! Hope you have all had a good day, I managed to get soaked to the skin (literally) taking Maisie for a walk, we looked a sorry sight when we got home :down: Natalie - I am not too bad thanks, I now have my hospital date (23rd July) so trying to prepare my mind and body for this operation. Been trying to get loads of walking in and eating healthily. The hospital have supplied drinks that I must take the day before and one on the day to increase my carbohydrate intake as apparently according to recent studies people who have a high carbohydrate intake before anesthetic recover more quickly than those who don't...I'll let you know I will just be looking forward now to my recovery. Well off to watch a bit of TV before bed. Sleep well everyone xxx
  13. Luckydawn

    Mum sent me this one lol! (Dog lovers)

    I love that! x
  14. Luckydawn

    Busy as ever ...

    Amazing cards Silvia! My favourite is the cat, really pretty x
  15. Luckydawn

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning Pips and Claire, must have missed you while I was typing x