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    Cardmaking & papercraft, jewellery making, socialising, crosswords, reading, swimming and walking.
  1. Boo_Boo

    Hey there...crazy cardmaker here...

    Hello Sarah and welcome to the forum It's fab her but very addictive You will pick up lots of tips for card making, have fun and make friends Look forward to seeing some of your makes Hugs, Melanie x
  2. Boo_Boo

    If you could craft with anyone ..........

    All the people from here and from the blogs I follow as you are all super talented and friendly ... what a party it would be :) Also invite along Tim Holtz and Joanna Sheen Hugs, Melanie x
  3. Boo_Boo

    Pink update!

    Display looks fab Gaynor Good luck with it all ... some fab ideas ... hope you raise lots of money Hugs, Melanie x
  4. Boo_Boo

    memory box for sisters 60th birthday treasures

    Barbara ... that is gorgeous ... love everything about it and i'm your sure your sister does too Pleased she had a good birthday ... shame about the weather in Italy but i'm sure she still had a fab time there Hugs, Melanie x
  5. Boo_Boo

    Christmas Mix of Old and New

    Kaz ... it's gorgeous ... love it all Hugs, Melanie x
  6. Boo_Boo

    Joy Christmas Card

    Fab card Dawn Hugs, Melanie x
  7. Boo_Boo

    Christmas cards (at last)

    Gorgeous cards Pips x Hugs, Melanie x
  8. Boo_Boo

    very simple christmas cards

    Lovely cards ... you've been super busy Hugs, Melanie x
  9. Boo_Boo

    christmas cards

    Fab cards Rosie ... love the Westie ones loads Hugs, Melanie x
  10. Boo_Boo

    Been Experimenting with Templates

    Very nice Natalie ... love it all ... is this the one that is featured in this month's CB mag ? Hugs, Melanie x
  11. Boo_Boo

    The Good Morning Thread

    Oh you nipped in there Susan ... hope you have a good day too Very cold here and more rain expected today ! Hugs, Melanie x
  12. Boo_Boo

    The Good Morning Thread

    Morning Everyone Happy Monday Have caught up on all the posts in this thread and gosh you've all been so busy and some have ups whilst others have had downs ... here's some special hugs for those that need them and also hugs for everyone ... at least with hugs one size fits all xxx Sorry not to comment individually to you all but it gets hard to keep up sometimes ... lol x Am having a very up and down time ATM health wise and am feeling quite down and still have a very achey body ... haven't been out of the house for 5 days but DOH is taking me to town today in the wheelchair as he thinks I need to get out else my panic attacks will get bad again ... I know he's right but whilst i'm sat her thinking about it i'm welling up Fingers crossed i'll be fine once i'm out in the crisp cold air ... he did say I can go to a couple of craft shops so going to focus on that ! Anyway I better go and get psych myself up for town but am going to pop over to papercrating first and see what makes have been uploaded :) Will catch you all later Take care, Melanie xxx
  13. Boo_Boo

    October Topper Swap - Autumn - 20th October

    Thanks Natalie Hugs, Melanie x
  14. Boo_Boo

    A huge thank you to KnittingQueenUK xxx

    That's very kind of SuzyB ... lovely cardigans, booties and hats Love those Robin Hoods too Congratulations on the birth of Zeta xxx Hugs, Melanie x
  15. Boo_Boo

    October Topper Swap - Autumn - 20th October

    Posted mine last Monday so hope you got them OK Natalie ? Hugs, Melanie x