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  1. sukes7

    lots of little dresses

    Thank you ladies for all of your kind comments the pattern is one of the Modkid range calle Frieda by Patty Young and is available on her website or EBay. It's a fabulous pattern for using up your smaller pieces of fabric stash.
  2. sukes7

    two little dresses

    Just so you know ladies the second dress is the Girls World one
  3. sukes7

    two little dresses

    Hi everyone I have made another couple of little dresses this week. The first one I made using instructions from a book called Girls World by Jennifer Paganelli, its a beautiful book with lots of fab projects. The second dress I made using a Simplicity pattern, thanks for looking love sue xx
  4. sukes7

    Ellie's new summer dresses

    absolutely gorgeous dresses and such a pretty little model.xx
  5. sukes7

    Pleat guide - help please!

    Hi Penelope The lines are to guide you when making the fold of the pleat. mark on yr fabric the two marked points from the pattern for each pleat. fold the fabric from one mark to the other in the direction you want your pleat to lie. Pin the pleat into place and baste within your seam allowance to hold it in place. then sew down the top of each pleat, usually about 2inches or so. If I can help in any other way give me a shout. good luck xx
  6. sukes7

    Spotty Frock

    gorgeous dress it looks beautifully made. xxxx
  7. sukes7

    My first make.........

    wow you should feel really proud of yourself! if this is one of your first attempts at sewing all I can say is you are going to be a fabulous sewer. keep up the good work. xxx
  8. sukes7

    lots of little dresses

    Hi everyone, Ive just realised its been months since I paid a visit to this wonderful site! What have I been up to..... well Ive been sewing like crazy making lots of little dresses. I absolutely love sewing them and my little granddaughter is a perfect model to try them out on. I finally got some up for sale too yay. Hope you all well and getting lots of crafting done. love sue xx
  9. Hi everyone I have just finished sewing a little girls top for my g/daughter Eden using a lovely pattern from issue 4 of Sew Magazine. It was lovely to make and I'm going to be making lots for the summer. The little red dress I made for Eden to wear to my daughters '50's' themed party. Thanks for looking love sue xxx
  10. Hi everyone my daughter is having a 50's themed 21st birthday party tomorrow and I have made an outfit for my 2yr old granddaughter to wear. I made her a little dress with a tulle underskirt, she could not stop twirling and dancing when she tried it on lol. With the rest of the fabric I made a little bag nice and squishy. With a fleece interfacing and a little hairband to finish off her look. The fabric only cost a few pounds and she loves it I hope she never gets sick of me making stuff for her.
  11. sukes7

    little girls cardigan

    Hi everyone I made this little cardigan for my grandaughter Eden, I had a go at making some fabric buttons to brighten up the cardi a little and sewed on some fabric flowers to finish tfl love sue xx
  12. sukes7

    little pjs and dressing gown

    Hi everyone, I used the free pattern from a recent copy of Sew magazine to make these little pyjamas in a lovely warm winceyette fabric for my little grandaughter Eden. I made her a little dressing gown to keep her super cosy too tfl love sue xx
  13. sukes7

    Singer machines bobbin help

    Hi, I remember having a similar problem once and I unscrewed the foot plate under the needle and I was astonished to discover lots of fluff etc. Once I gave it a good clean out I popped a new needle in and it worked great. Hope that helps luv sue x
  14. sukes7

    Sew-on interfacing question

    Hi, Knit and flee Sew in interfacing does not really have a wrong side. The wrong side on iron on interfacing is the adhesive that glues it to the fabric. if I was you I would press your sew in interfacing on a low heat and perhaps use a pressing cloth too. Good luck with your sewing, I have been sewing for about 18mths now and i LOVEIT
  15. sukes7

    My daughters new PJ's

    aw beautiful model and beautiful pjs. I bought some fabric today to make some for my granddaughter. You mentioned your photo files were too big? I use a free downloadable app calle pix resizer, its really simple to use and yr pics will upload no problem then. love sue x