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  1. jude45

    The Good Morning Thread

    Morning all from snowy Norfolk,Im back for some reason the past 2 months have not been able to get into forum today i tried changed password yet again and bingo! Hope your all well and ive pro missed loads so will have to do a bit of catch up. Great to be back!Hope your all having a great sunday keep warm and safe we have 8ins of snow here very very cold had more last night just hope it clears as going up north tuesday for crimbo! hugs judex
  2. hoping it will come early morning as posted this am.hve good time in bath lovely place. judex
  3. Recieved and trying to de tangle should post on today or wednesday depending what time plumer comes. So watch out
  4. jude45

    Square Candles

    I was in poundland the other day bought 2 lovely white church candles to decorate for xmas prezzies next to them they had white suqare candles 3 sizes .I was at my dad's at time on holiday .but worth having alook trouble is with poundland not all shops have same things. if i see any on my travels will pick some up any particular size you looking for? hugs judex
  5. Oh shellington so sorry youve got the flu hope you feel better and just can't believe it's coming to me.Have been a way a few weeks and just got back so thought id see where the wee parcel will be and omg it's coming to me he.......... heres wishing you speedy recovery and if you need my addy please email.it should be on Rak list Can't believe it! waited so long.....lol hugs judex
  6. jude45

    {POSTED BACK} May Image Swap {complete}

    Thanks hun, i had forgotten about them !you just dont know what you find when you have clear out i found a stamp the other day i never new i had..lol thanks look forward to receiving hugs judex
  7. No prob hun i was just wondering where,who had it .Hope your feeling better hugs judex
  8. does nayone know where we are at with this? thanks in advance judex
  9. jude45

    Some goodies....

    Wow great stash Happy crafting and have fun!
  10. jude45


    Hiya, I havent got one but friends have they prefer the cuttlebug to the bigshot .I know for fact takes most die rangers ,and they rave about it .Good luck! judex
  11. jude45

    Artymiss have excelled themselves!!

    happy crafting!
  12. jude45

    The Great Northern Papercrafts show?

    I would love to go but bit far have great time and spend!spend Spend!mind should start saving now! judex
  13. jude45

    NEW Challenge: HIGH FLIERS - closes 7th July

    this is my card for this challenge my daughters birthday in july ,.tinkerbell is her fav ,just thought this paper would go great so carried the them inside and added a castle. jude
  14. Still waiting patiently i think must be getting closer.......jude