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  1. can you add me Maggie Thanks x
  2. Bev I'm sorry I'm just so snowed under at the moment. Can you remove me this time around
  3. darcy_d

    Mothers day card - winner

    Well done both of you. Lots of stunning cards in this one but deserved winners
  4. darcy_d

    Mother's Day Card - Closes 14th March

    Wow what stunning entries. I wasn't going to enter but it's done so I might as well There are 2 cards in this pic but they're the same so hopefully that's ok. Made the same one for MIL and my mum.
  5. darcy_d

    Pepper and Friends, plus Fairy stamped card

    Lovely Sarah. Wish my simple cards were as nice x
  6. darcy_d

    Mothers Day card

    thanks ladies. You're all very kind as usual. They are pretty basic but I enjoyed doing them. And my mum does like it. She flipping opened it! She said she didn't know what it was but what else would she receive in card form from me a few days before mothers day :roll: oh Sarah the flowers are pretty rough I tried to use water pencils but the card was too absorbant and like a stupid bint I used pens that you can use water to paint with as well
  7. darcy_d

    Mothers Day card

    Hi there Here is my attempt at Mothers day card for this year (well 2 the same). Also added a picture of a simple card that I made for my mum's birthday last month. Tried watercolour pencils but my card was wrong so just coloured in the images (drawn freehand so not that great lol) Thanks for looking
  8. darcy_d

    feb 2010 jewellrey - SHADES OF PINK - 20th Feb

    > royal mail in all their wisdom, have returned my parcel to me. Though it said from by my address and the stamps were on the other side!! Anyway, I'm putting it back in the post today x
  9. darcy_d

    feb 2010 jewellrey - SHADES OF PINK - 20th Feb

    Mine's not arrived though posted a week ago (yes I know it was late but still should have made it by now) Hope it arrives soon or will make something else and send to Dee x
  10. darcy_d

    Make it day out.

    Awww that's so sweet Sarah. We can sort the other show nearer the time. It's a bit of a way off. There must be something in between :cheese: Sharon x
  11. darcy_d

    Wirework Butterfly Necklace

    It's absolutely stunning Debs. Can't wait to see the sea one
  12. Lovely necklace Helen. Funnily enough I bought some at Make It yesterday as hadn't used it before and made a necklace with it. Will get some piccies and post them soon.
  13. darcy_d

    Make it day out.

    Glad you had a good day. Shame we didn't bump into each other. I got some goodies and watched some lovely demos and made a card at the stampin up stand. Had fun but left about 1.30. Not as many stands as last year. Let me know if you're up for gem and bead show in July and we can grab lunch or something xx
  14. darcy_d

    public liability and accountants

    Just an aside. With the NI, yes you can fill out an exemption form for low income but if there is a possibility that you might have a baby then pay it as you can claim maternity allowance for 39 weeks.
  15. darcy_d

    public liability and accountants

    Good questions and something I need to sort out. Sarah, which level of cover have you got for your stalls and do you have extra bits on top? Thanks Aims for the info about business link. I'll sort that out. Even though I've done a bookkeeping course years ago I could definitely do with a refresher. Good luck with the business glitterbug