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  1. Ruby-Amethyst

    Christmas Trees - What's your Favourite?

    We have an artificial one, even has berries! Did used to have real as a child but not since.
  2. Ruby-Amethyst

    POLL: What papercrafting essential can you not live without?

    I can't live without my die-cutting machine now! Funny, as I didn't think I really needed one before I got my first (er, yes, I have more than one now!)
  3. Ruby-Amethyst

    What are your favourite card embellishments?

    Pearls and gems get my vote
  4. Ruby-Amethyst

    Bud 10

  5. Ruby-Amethyst

    Gardening theme box card

    Brilliant card! I've got those papers too, they are indeed lovely.
  6. Thanks, can see the, now, they're amazing!! And is that Pudsey the dog?
  7. Ruby-Amethyst

    Winner of the PaperCrafter issue 60 challenge!

    Well done, lovely make
  8. Ruby-Amethyst

    MISS MAY!!!

  9. That's fabulous Louise, well done! I can't see any photos either, but sounds amazing.
  10. Ruby-Amethyst

    LMC Thanks

    Thanks very much Gabriella and the LMC team for the great goody bag I won in the last ever LMC challenge, and it's great seeing my card in this issue of Papercrafter thanks.
  11. Ruby-Amethyst

    Really Thankful to HQ

    Well done Wendy, enjoy your goodies
  12. Ruby-Amethyst

    PaperCrafter issue 60 challenge!

    Well done Matilda, it worked! Gorgeous card and lovely entries all round.
  13. Ruby-Amethyst

    Baby Olivia

    Brilliant she's doing so well. Hope Mummy is too x
  14. Ruby-Amethyst

    Are you not allowed to upload pics - see here

    Thanks Denise, so helpful. I haven't posted photos on this new site yet but it says I have posted 291 attachments and used 172 mb of my allowed 97 mb. Yikes, going to be a lot of deleting needed before I can post more!