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  1. clara cluck

    Couple of notebooks - Tiggertastic

    The colours on these are really vibrant love them Clare x
  2. clara cluck


    Ive not been on the forum for a while but I was really surprised that it had changed so much it really threw me
  3. clara cluck

    cameo creation.

    That looks really good like the pearl card Clare x
  4. clara cluck

    fun making 3x3 cards and envelopes

    They are lovely and I can see why you enjoyed making them Clare x
  5. clara cluck

    thank you Maritrez

    I would like to thank Maritrez for the toppers and RAK it was really kind of you ive not been around on forum coz I contracted an Ecoli infection which floored me that and the antibiotics they gave me i couldnt tolerate I am on the mend now and might get back into my crafting love and hugs Clare x
  6. clara cluck


    I would like to apologise to all members who hosted swaps i joined in in February all my swaps were posted on the same day all be it they were a little bit late but it looks like some have gone astray it makes me a little bit warey in joining swaps for March . Can you let me know if any turn up Clare x
  7. clara cluck

    thank you Bobsie

    For a really cute card and RAK Clare xx
  8. clara cluck

    Feb Image Swap

    Can you add me please Clare x
  9. clara cluck


    can you add me please Clare x
  10. clara cluck


    can you add me please Clare x
  11. clara cluck

    February Card Swap - Floral Mother's Day - by 23rd Feb CLOSED

    Hi Nancy can you add me please Clare xx
  12. Can you add me please Clare x
  13. clara cluck

    Thank you Martingale

    For the love bookmark I like the way you have done the hearts on the ribbon and thank you Maritrez for hosting and rak hugs Clare x
  14. clara cluck

    wow Joanna Sheen

    I have been really pleased with the Joanna Sheen website shop I ordered something on the Friday morning and it came on the Saturday how good is that Clare