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  1. craftaddict66

    Availability of December Issue?

    Thank you for your answers. We are flying in this afternoon and I will visit one of the magazine stores this evening. I know of one on the Oxford Street where I have been lucky in the past. I read in a CB newsletter that the new CB issue is already out so if I do not find the Christmas one, I will just take the new one instead.
  2. craftaddict66

    Availability of December Issue?

    LOL... I noticed in my own previous postings that I asked a similar question last year as I knew I would be flying to London. Don't think I will be fortunate to get the Christmas issue this year according to the answers I received last year. Oh well...
  3. Hello! I visited London last year at the end of November and bought the lovely December Christmas issue. This year I won't be in there until the middle of December. ( I live in Germany). Does anyone know from experience if there still will be copies of Crafts Beautiful in the stores at that time? I would love to take one back home with me.
  4. craftaddict66

    The Person Below Me........

    I am still thinking about what I want to make. There are so many good choices and it is hard to decide. TPBM - Are you crafting for Christmas (cards, gifts, decorations, etc...)
  5. craftaddict66

    The New Word Association Thread

  6. craftaddict66

    Two words game

    Shy Fox
  7. craftaddict66

    The Name Game

  8. craftaddict66

    Nearly Christmas time!!!!

    Christmas is really my favorite time of the year! I love crafting for it and at the moment I am making a lot of Christmas cards. That really puts me in a cheery mood.
  9. craftaddict66

    Crafts Beautiful Magazine

    Thank you Paperkate! I hope to get the chance soon to try out a lot of the projects. Seaweed, I think "cute" is always a compliment. I am so lucky my small compartment suitcase had wheels or I would have really been suffering from the weight. I weighed the mags and together they weighed around 5kg.;-) I am so glad I packed light to begin with. I would have hated missing out on those treasures. Now to just find the quiet time to enjoy and use them...
  10. craftaddict66

    Crafts Beautiful Magazine

    LOL! I am picturing one of those cute little doggie carriers that they have for small dogs on the planes. I have been back a couple of days and had such a great time. Like always when I am there. Did tourist stuff... did some shopping. Was wonderful. If the craft magazine sales went tremendously up this month, it was because I was in the country! LOL. ;-) The WH Smith on Oxford Street had so many magazines to choose from. It was so hard to decide which ones I wanted... so I selected many of them. My Christmas presents to myself, I call it. That is enough to make me happy for a long time. It will take me forever to really go through all of them. I love all of the freebies that come along with the magazines, too. I also was able to acquire the Crafts Beautiful with the quilling set and will definately try that after Christmas when I have more time and peace. Before then, I have just too much to do.
  11. craftaddict66

    Crafts Beautiful Magazine

    @Seaweed, I cracked up about the stowaway question! It is so worth going to the craft stores in the USA. If you ever get the change, you must see them. There are 4 major craft store chains I can think of at the moment. Each is special in its own way. I have been so fortunate so far with the sales. It was almost as if they knew I was coming around to shop. Once it was 25% off of all stamping supplies, at another place it was 25% off of all Sizzix products. I usually stock up on dies, embossing folders, rubber and silicone stamps, etc... The German magazines also have a lot of good ideas but are not as colorful as the English magazines. There is not too much interaction with the readers, either like I have noticed in the English magazines. Also there are no freebies. Right now it seems that the magazines are getting to be quite elegant, though. Also the craft books are very elegant at the moment. High gloss pages, gorgeous and dreamy pictures and lovely covers. I believe that with the competition from the internet, the books had to change their style so the people would continue to buy them. Now they almost feel like collectors items. You buy one and you just want to have the set, too. The trends here are very Scandinavian at the moment... that started with Tilda. But also the country look, the alpine look and romance dominate the crafts at the moment. I like a lot of it but also like what I saw in London last year in the mags. The colors were so cheerful and happy. @Paperkate I posted on your quilling projects. Very lovely inspiring what you made. I will get my CB (and many other craft magazines as well) next week and when I get back from London, I will definately give the quilling a try.
  12. craftaddict66

    quilling - a measure of success I think.

    Love your card! That is one fancy butterfly and the quilling looks so elegant! I am so anxious to try this technique! Seeing what you have made using it really is encouraging.
  13. craftaddict66

    think I'm getting the hang of this quilling

    Thank you Paperkate for directing me this way! Your card looks gorgeous! I love the way you arranged the leaves and berries around the cutout. What a clever idea! Now I know I have got to try this! ;-)
  14. craftaddict66

    Crafts Beautiful Magazine

    @Paperkate Where are the posted quilling projects located? I would very much like to see them out of curiousity if you don't mind. @Seaweed In the USA, you can really get some good deals. In the past while I was there, stores like Michaels or Joanns had coupons in the newspaper for 40% off of one item! That is how I got my Cuttlebug. I paid something like 35 US Dollars for it. Here it costs 99 Euros. That was a really great bargain. The supplies are so much cheaper there. I usually stock up if we are on holiday there. I sometimes imagined how the look on the customs officers faces at the airport would be if they inspected my suitcase and saw all of those "strange" craft supplies like the Cuttlebug, embossing folders and dies. The guys would not even know what those items are. They are surely used to seeing people bringing I-Pads and such but not embossing machines. Here in Germany they really have nice craft magazines, too but the style is so different than that in the UK. I like the style of the magazines here but I also really like the English ideas. Tomorrow I will be in the lovely London... I cannot wait!
  15. craftaddict66

    Homemade Bread

    There is nothing like baking bread! That is wonderful that you tried out a recipe and were successful. That is so fulfilling in my opinion. I make breads every now and then. What I love the most is the aroma of the kitchen while the bread is baking. And then afterwards... a warm slice of bread with cheese.