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    Christianity, Mothers' Union, card making, anything craft related
  1. torpenhow07

    August ATC swap

    Thank you to Claracluck, Whitchqueen and 2belle for the gorgeous ATCs that were waiting for me when I got in from work today, they are all brilliant
  2. torpenhow07

    Cuttlebug, Big Shot or other Die Cutter?

    I love my big shot and it works well for nesties and bug dies and folders
  3. torpenhow07

    Blog Updates?

    I've updated my blog
  4. torpenhow07

    Blog Updates?

    I've updated my blog
  5. torpenhow07


    I just wanted you all to know that I'm not around so much atm due to family/home/work life being out of balance and my time for being on the 'puter disappearing somewhere. If anyone finds it can they send it back to me I'm sorry not to be posting much atm but I do lurk when I have chance and post occasionally, I hope normal service will be resumes before too long but just now I'm not sure when that will be Thanks for understanding (in advance)
  6. torpenhow07

    Issue 3

    Not managed to get my copy yet, nome of the local newsagents have it, will have to wait until I go elsewhere to see if I can get a copy. I'm buying it for Ruth but I enjoy a read of it too. She thinks it's great and she is a complete sewing novice
  7. torpenhow07

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi all, Poor sarah I hope you feel better soon Sorry I haven't been around much recently life seems to be so hectic and I don't know where the time goes. Hope you are all well and hugs to those who need them Just a quick visit so apologies for not mentioning everyone by name I have a meeting tonight so need to get ready
  8. torpenhow07

    Thank you Maritrez

    What a lovely surprise I had when I got in from work tonight. I had a lovely packet waiting for me from Maritrez, it included a card and some lovely papers and images Thank you Maritrez so very much for this lovely RAK, it is very much appreciated Hugs
  9. torpenhow07

    Thank you Golden Hippy and Barbara

    Beautiful cards and fab RAKs
  10. Your welcome, hope yu have had a lovely day
  11. torpenhow07

    the great paper swap RUNNING

    Posted to Maritrz today, hope it arrives soon
  12. torpenhow07

    Mans card

    Thanks everyone for your comments
  13. torpenhow07

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi all, sorry I've not been around much this week but I've been soooooooooooo tired and feeling under the weather, I'm feeling a bit better now so am going to try and catch up over the weekend. I'm finding it hard to keep up with everything atm but am trying so please bear with me Hope everyone is ok
  14. torpenhow07

    Eeeh what a week!

    Sorry to hear about your Auntie Aims, she is lucky to have you around for support You seem to have a lot on your plate just now, hope you enjoy your weekend and get to the gig. Look forward to seeing your makes
  15. torpenhow07

    the great paper swap RUNNING

    Will get it off to you probably on Friday, I see your addy is on the RAK list. I have found it now, it was lost for a bit hehe silly me